Quiz: Do You Know the Etiquette for These Common Social Events?
Do You Know the Etiquette for These Common Social Events?
By: Torrance Grey
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About This Quiz

Etiquette: It sounds like an old-fashioned word, but in fact, it's in frequent use to this day ... largely because it's changing so fast in a world of electronic devices and social media, when relationships can be born and grow to an age of weeks or months without the people involved ever meeting face-to-face. 

However, we also still live in a world with plenty of in-person meetings: Dates, weddings, funerals and job interviews, for example. For these situations, some of the old-school rules still apply, though others have changed. This is especially true of weddings, With same-sex marriage now legal and common, words like "bride" and "groom" are sometimes irrelevant. Ideas about what the bride's family pays for, versus the groom's family, are likewise thrown into chaos. Besides, with couples dating longer and marrying later, the whole idea of parents picking up the tab for wedding festivities seems outdated, as many soon-to-be-married couples are earning generous incomes themselves. Likewise, the idea of a wedding registry allowing the guests to outfit a young couple with everything they'll need for a new home -- well, that doesn't make a lot of sense either. Often both parties in the wedding will have bought everything they need around the house years ago!

See how confusing all this can be? That's why we've created this quiz on modern etiquette, so you can see how your ideas about manners and social conduct measure up. Good luck!

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Weddings: Congratulations, bride-to-be, he proposed! Why shouldn't you immediately share the news on social media?
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Church: Which of these is NOT appropriate to wear to a service?
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Weddings: If you're asked to leave your devices at the door, you're at a/an ______ wedding.
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Weddings: What's the longest you should wait before sending thank-you notes for gifts?
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Funerals: Which of these is it not appropriate to wear?
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Weddings: Is it still appropriate to throw rice after a wedding ceremony?
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Online dating: How long should you give someone to respond to a first message?
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Online dating: Is it OK simply not to respond to a first message if you're not interested?
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Online dating: After the first in-person date, how long should you wait before texting/messaging?
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Weddings: Which of these is NOT an appropriate choice to walk a bride down the aisle?
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Funerals: What color of flowers is most appropriate?
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Weddings: Which of these does NOT belong on an invitation?
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First dates: Which of these subjects is generally considered to be off-limits?
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Dating: Besides one's ex, which of these subjects should not come up on a first or second date?
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Job interviews: About how early should you arrive?
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Job interviews: How should you thank your interviewer afterward?
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Funerals: During the ceremony, your phone should be ...
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Online dating, true or false: Only a creeper would research a potential date on other social media sites.
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Online dating: Is posting a ridiculously filtered/flattering photo of yourself wrong?
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Online dating: Should you give out your phone number before meeting someone face-to-face?
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Breakups: Which of these is an acceptable venue for breaking off a relationship?
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Engagements: It's OK not to open bridal-shower gifts at the shower.
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Online dating: Which of these is a woman most likely to lie about in her profile?
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Online dating: Which of these is a man most likely to lie about on his profile?
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Church: In a traditional church, who is supposed to wear a hat during a service?
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Engagements: When one is broken off, should the woman give the ring back?
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