Quiz: Do You Know the History of America's Most Famous Military Units?
Do You Know the History of America's Most Famous Military Units?
By: John Miller
Image: US-Army history images

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When America’s Founding Fathers ratified the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, they gently but firmly informed Britain’s King George III that, "Hey, you know, we think we’ll take things from here."

In doing so, they declared the formation of the United States of America – and the king responded with vicious death threats. American colonists took up their muskets in the pursuit of their liberty, and the nation’s army was born. How much do you know about America’s famous military units?

Some U.S. units are so legendary that they are essentially household names. The 82nd Airborne and 101st Airborne Divisions are iconic, famous for their brazen offensives and desperate last-ditch stands in World War II.

At Gettysburg, Union General George Meade led the Army of the Potomac against the Confederacy’s wily Robert E. Lee, somehow fending off days of ferocious Southern assaults. And of course, few units are more famous than the Continental Army, which found its ultimate leader in George Washington.

From the 1st Infantry to the 3rd Infantry, from Iwo Jima to Paris, American infantry, aircrews, and sailors have taken part in battles large and small all over the globe. Do you know the nicknames of the most famous squads?

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