Quiz: Do you know the history of the Fourth of July?
Do you know the history of the Fourth of July?
By: Maria Trimarchi
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We'll never know if the founding fathers of the United States envisioned their fellow future Americans celebrating Independence Day by the grill or in the pool when they met to discuss the future of the country, but that shouldn't stop you from doing just that. And don't forget the fireworks display!

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What country gifted the Statue of Liberty to the citizens of the United States, on the Fourth of July, in 1886?
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What is the national anthem of the United States?
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When did the United States celebrate its bicentennial?
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The cornerstone for which monument in Washington, D.C. was laid on July 4, 1848?
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While the tradition of firing cannon salutes comes from the Royal Navy, what national salute is traditionally fired at noon on the Fourth of July by the U.S. Navy?
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When was the first Independence Day celebrated?
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Whose signature is the largest on the Declaration of Independence?
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The national anthem is sung to what was a popular drinking song at the time, called "To Anacreon in Heavon." Who wrote the lyrics?
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Which explorers were the first to celebrate the Fourth of July west of the Mississippi River?
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Three U.S. presidents have died on the Fourth of July. Which of these presidents did not?
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What document was delivered to Great Britain in 1776, but not until November?
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Only one U.S. president was born on the Fourth of July. Who was it?
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Did the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, mark the end of the American Revolutionary War?
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Several months before American victory at the Battle of Yorktown in Pennsylvania, which New England state was the first to make Independence Day an official state holiday?
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Which groundbreaking ceremonies were timed to coordinate with Fourth of July celebrations?
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"O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave" is a lyric in which patriotic song, played generously around the country on Independence Day?
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The U.S. acquired roughly 828,000,000 square miles of land in a deal with France, called the Louisiana Purchase, in 1803. It was announced to whom on July 4 that year?
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Whose face, which was carved first on Mount Rushmore, was dedicated to the American public on July 4, 1934?
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On Independence Day in 1914, who spoke the now-famous words, "Our country, right or wrong" in an address at Independence Hall in Philadelphia?
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A new American flag with how many stars was unveiled on the Fourth of July in 1912?
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Which year were fireworks first included in Philadelphia's Fourth of July celebrations?
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In 1852, in Rochester, New York, who delivered the speech, "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?"
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What MLB first baseman played 17 seasons for the New York Yankees, before announcing his retirement and telling his fans he's, "the luckiest man on the face of the Earth" on the Fourth of July?
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When was the first time the Fourth of July celebration on the central tourist area, the Monument Grounds, in Washington, D.C., was televised?
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Which of the USA's founding fathers, in a letter to his wife, suggested Independence Day be celebrated with fireworks displays?
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Where could people read a copy of the new Declaration of Independence, in 1776?
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Which founding father believed Independence Day should be celebrated on July 2, not July 4, and would not participate in Fourth of July ceremonies?
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On July 4, 1992, the astronauts traveling on which NASA space shuttle unfurled the American flag and together shouted, "Happy birthday, America!"?
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Where did the first Fourth of July celebration take place in California, 2,400 miles from Philadephia?
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Which was the only time George Washington ever addressed American citizens on the Fourth of July?
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America's 48-star flag flew for 47 years before which updated version became the new official version on July 4, 1959?
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Since the "Let Freedom Ring" tradition began in 1963, houses of worship around the U.S. ring their bells how many times on the Fourth of July?
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"Yankee Doodle went to town, riding on a pony, stuck a feather in his hat, and called it macaroni" is the first line of the patriotic song "Yankee Doodle." Today it's the state song of what state, which was also an original colony?
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