Quiz: Do you know "The Importance of Being Earnest?"
Do you know "The Importance of Being Earnest?"
By: Brandy

About This Quiz

Being yourself can get tiresome. Fortunately for Jack, he has a fake brother, Ernest! The 2002 film based on Oscar Wilde's play, "The Importance of Being Earnest," is a comedy starring Colin Firth and Reese Witherspoon. Think you know all about the confusing comedy? Take the quiz to find out!

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With what did Algernon Moncrieff say he played the piano?
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Who did Mr. Worthing say he was going to see in the city?
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With whom did Algy reunite at the performance?
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What did Ernest tell Algy that he came to town to do?
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What did Algy say was the essence of romance?
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What did Ernest tell Algy was his real name?
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What was the name of Algy's made-up persona?
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What did Lady Bracknell ask Ernest to do after finding out about his proposal?
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What did Miss Prism say that Cecily should get rid of?
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What type of pain did Cecily tell Dr. Chasuble that Miss Prism was experiencing?
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What type of house did Aunt Augusta ask Ernest if he had?
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In what item did Ernest tell Lady Bracknell he was found when he was a baby?
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In what did Algy, pretending to be Ernest, arrive at Jack's country house?
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To what country did Cecily say her Uncle Jack was going to send Ernest?
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What news did Jack bring when he arrived home early, after leaving to deal with Ernest?
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Who sent Jack, who they knew as Ernest, a letter saying that they were going to come to his side?
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What did Algy have to do in order to have Jack pay the dues on Ernest's account?
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How many months did Cecily say that she and Ernest were engaged?
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What did both Cecily and Gwendolen say that they imagined about the men they loved?
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Who did Gwendolen believe was Cecily's guardian?
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Of what did Gwendolen get a tattoo to show her love for Jack, who she thought was Ernest?
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What did both Jack and Algy ask Dr. Chasuble to do?
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How did Jack and Algy get Gwendolen and Cecily to speak to them again?
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Who arrived at Jack's country house after the couples had made up?
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What did Algy tell Lady Bracknell about his friend Bunbury?
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What did Jack say that Lady Bracknell must allow before he allowed Cecily to marry Algy?
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Who was the baby that Miss Prism had stolen?
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Who did Miss Prism love?
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In the credits, whose funeral do the family and friends attend?
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Who gets a tattoo in the end credits?
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What does Jack, as Ernest, refuse to do when he dines at The Savoy?
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What did Algy, as Ernest, say that Cecily was like?
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