Quiz: Do You Know the Last Names of These '80s TV Show Characters?
Do You Know the Last Names of These '80s TV Show Characters?
By: Becky Stigall
Image: The Movie DB

About This Quiz

Put your '80s television show smarts to the test!

The '80s were known for many great things - big hair, hair bands, and Farrah Fawcett. Although the '80s was certainly the decade of hair, they were also notable for some great television shows. Iconic sitcoms and prime-time soaps such as Cheers and Dallas, respectively, ruled the airwaves. In fact, many of these shows remain popular today. 

The Golden Girls, a popular '80s sitcom, is still a highly watched show. And, actress Betty White, who played widow Rose on the show, may be part of the reason people loved to watch- other than the fact that the comedy managed to win both Emmy and Golden Globe Awards; clearly attesting to the quality of the acting, directing, and production of this '80s hit.

Dallas ushered in the prime-time soap opera with the greats of the era - Larry Hagman, formerly of I Dream of Jeannie, Victoria Principal, and Patrick Duffy (Man from Atlantis anyone?) tested the limits of flashy houses, flashy cars, and even flashier dialogue. The show asked "who shot JR" several times. Do you think he bit the dust as the series ended?

But apart from the successes of the shows and knowing the characters by name, do you remember their often forgotten surnames? If you want to take a shot at finding out just how good your memory is, let's get started!

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