Quiz: Do You Know the Literal Meanings of These Global Terms of Endearment?
Do You Know the Literal Meanings of These Global Terms of Endearment?
By: Jouviane Alexandre
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If your significant other called you "sweetheart," you'd probably give them a smile, but what if they called you fat!? Before you send a punch their way, let's travel around the world and see if you recognize these terms of endearment!

In the United States, we're used to terms of endearment that sound completely affectionate: honey, sugar, baby. More recent years have caused us to adopt the cringe-worthy 'bae.' While we're used to these sweet-sounding terms, traveling around the world might give you and your relationship a literal culture shock! While it might be rare to hear someone refer to their significant other as a dove or bunny, 'pet names' are especially popular in the rest of the world. In parts of Europe, you'll hear couples calling each other fleas, mice, and even ducks.

American pet names might not include a whole variety of pets, but we're no stranger to "tasty" terms of endearment. Hearing couples call each other pumpkin or cupcake seems completely normal. What if you heard a couple refer to each other as a cabbage? In Poland, you might even find couples calling each other breadcrumb. The names we've come to know certainly sound sweet, but it's not the same across the planet; in Belgium, you might be slightly shaken being called "my little round thing."

Regardless of the way they sound, your "sweetie" might be another person's "ugly one." Can you recognize love in any culture? Can you prove that there's only one language of love? Let's find out!

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