Do you know the main ingredients of these classic recipes?

By: Annette

Which of these ingredients is not needed for mac n' cheese?

Okay, it's not needed, but it wouldn't hurt!

What's in a PB&J sandwich?

Okay, okay. You got that, right? That question was just to make you feel confident.

What's the minimum requirement for a quesadilla?

A plain quesadilla only contains a tortilla with cheese. But there's so much room for embellishment!

What's in a pot roast?

That's right. This classic dish is hearty and simple!

What is in a chicken pot pie?

Envision a flaky crust, plus chicken and vegetable filling. You can't go wrong with this classic!

What are the main ingredients in french fries?

You got that, right? Please. Please.

Which of these is not required for a classic glazed donut?

Pepper is not required. That was a hard one!

What are the main ingredients of lasagna?

Cheese, meat, noodles and tomato sauce. What the heck else do you need?

What are the basics of risotto?

Risotto is a slow-cooked rice made with broth. Cheese, meat or vegetables are often added. Seafood too!

What is not necessary for chicken noodle soup?

Couscous in not traditionally a part of chicken noodle soup, but it's not a bad idea.

What are the basics of carrot cake?

This classic recipe involves a moist cake with shaved carrot, buttercream frosting, and even raisins and walnuts!

What are the prime ingredients of meatloaf?

Meat, breadcrumbs and egg. That's seriously all that you need. And some seasoning. Oh, and maybe some onion and sauce.

What's in pesto?

Pesto is a classic sauce that goes well with anything! You can make it at home.

What do you need for classic potato salad?

Potatoes and mayo are the main ingredients you need, but celery and spices give it a kick!

Which of these is not necessary for a homemade Lara Bar?

Lara Bars can be made without flour, and they're the perfect energy bar!

What's in pasta carbonara?

Pasta carbonara is pretty indulgent, to say the least. But it's worth every bite!

What are the requirements for maple baked beans?

Beans, maple syrup and pork. Sounds like the breakfast of champions!

What's necessary for deviled eggs?

Deviled eggs are a simple dish, but oh so good! No party is complete without them.

What is required for nachos?

That's really all you need. Ask anyone at a bowling alley.

What's necessary for fried chicken?

That's right. Bread some chicken and fry it. Magic.

What are the main ingredients of hummus?

That's seriously all that you need for hummus. Garlic doesn't hurt either!

Which of these is not necessary for apple pie?

Seriously, you don't need cumin. Don't try it.

What's actually required for a good brownie?

Really, that's all you need. You can embellish from there, though.

What's in chili con carne?

The classic red beany sauce is the perfect complement to the succulent meat. Yum!

What is necessary for Moules marinière?

What could be more perfect? Mussels - not muscles - are a tremendous but simple dish.

What do you need to cook bacon?

Bacon seriously only needs itself. It's independent. It cooks in its own fat.

What do you need for classic chicken Caesar salad?

Caesar salad is often made tableside, but you don't need to be that fancy. You won't notice the anchovies in the dressing, by the way.

What is necessary for shepherd's pie?

Shepard's pie is traditionally a meat and vegetable pie with a whipped potato topping. It's very Irish!

What is required for a Margherita pizza?

A Margherita pizza is simple but delicious! The Italians love it.

What's the minimum requirement for twice-baked potatoes?

You whip the interior of the potato with sour cream, put it back in the skin, top with cheese, and re-bake. Bacon is necessary, according to some.

What is the least you need for great French toast?

Once cooked, apply maple syrup and powdered sugar!

What are the main components of chili?

Chili is simple. Mastering it is complex.

What do you actually need to make cheese?

Milk, cheese culture and salt. Give it a little time, and await magic.

What is the bare minimum needed to make a chocolate bar?

Seriously, you can make chocolate with three ingredients. When you add milk, you make it creamier.

What are the basic ingredients of angel food cake?

The lightest, most wonderful cake on the face of the earth. So simple. Such goodness.

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