Quiz: Do You Know the Meaning of These Modern Words Invented by Shakespeare?
Do You Know the Meaning of These Modern Words Invented by Shakespeare?
By: Ian Fortey
Image: Wiki Commons by Thomas Brooks (d 1891)

About This Quiz

Shakespeare has been credited with creating literally thousands of words in the English language, a feat that few writers could ever hope to match. A lot of those words were just nouns Shakespeare turned into verbs like "elbow," or common terms he added a new suffix or prefix to, like "uncomfortable." But hey, they hadn't been written down before that anyone knew of, so Shakespeare gets the credit for them. Such a prolific and creative writer was bound to come up with a few really cool terms, and it just so happens Shakespeare came up with more than his fair share. That's why he's still considered one of the greatest, if not the absolute greatest, writers of all time.

Now, history can get a little muddy sometimes, and some words Shakespeare didn't invent so much as he just popularized them. Considering it's a few hundred years later and we're still using all these words, that's still really impressive. How many of us can hope to have people repeating our words centuries from now? The meanings may have changed for some of the words, but since we're still using them. Why not take a look through the list we've compiled here and seen how many you recognize?

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