Do You Know the Meaning of These Simple German Words?

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What does "Frau" mean?

"Die Frau" can be used to mean woman, lady, female or wife in German. Synonyms include "das Weib" and "die Dame."

"Hund" means what?

"Hund" means dog in German (kind of like the English word, hound.) "Hündchen" means puppy.

"Mutter" means ______ in German.

"Mutter" means mother in German. Sound familiar? And "Vater" means father.

In German, "Käse" means ______.

"Der Käse" is German for the cheese. It is a noun. It goes well with crackers.

What does "Mann" mean?

"Der Mann" is German for man. Other words used to mean man include "der Mensch" and "die Bullen."

"Blume" means what?

"Die Blume" is the German word for flower (like bloom, in English.) The verb meaning to bloom is "blühen."

"Äpfel" means ______ in German.

"Äpfel" means apples in German. One apple is "Apfel," without the diacritical marks.

In German, "Gott" means _____.

"Gott" means God in German. "Götze" is another German word which can be used to mean God.

What does "Regen" mean?

"Regen" is the German noun for rain. The German verb for to rain is "regnen."

"Schön" means what?

"Schön" is a German adjective meaning beautiful. It also means nice, lovely and good.

"Fleisch" means ______ in German.

"Fleisch" is the German noun for general meat. "Huhn" means chicken, and "Steak" is the same in both English and German.

In German, "Sommer" means ______.

"Sommer" is the German word for summer. These words are similar on paper, but the pronunciation is quite different.

What does "rosa" mean?

German has many words for pink. These include "rosa," "pink" and "rosafarben."

"Wütend" means what?

"Wütend" means angry or furious in German. A German synonym of this adjective is "zornig."

"Mittwoch" means _____ in German.

"Mittwoch" looks a lot like midweek. It means Wednesday in German.

In German, "lieben" means ______.

"Lieben" is a German verb meaning to love. The noun love is "die Liebe."

What does "Himmel" mean?

"Der Himmel" means the sky in German. It can also mean heaven.

"Krank" means what?

"Krank" is a German adjective. It means sick or ill.

"Auto" means ______ in German.

"Das Auto" is German for car. "Der Wagen" and "das Fahrzeug" can also be used.

In German, "Brot" means _______.

"Das Brot" means bread in German. The verb meaning to bread something is "panieren."

What does "Haar" mean?

"Das Haar" is German for hair. "Der Haarschnitt" is a haircut.

"Nacht" means what?

"Die Nacht" means night in German. Evening is "der Abend."

"Arzt" means ____ in German?

"Der Arzt" is the German word for doctor. Others include "der Doktor" and "der Mediziner."

In German, "nein" means ______.

"Nein" means no in German. In different contexts, "nicht" and "kein" can also be used.

What does "Kind" mean?

"Das Kind" means child in German. This word can also be used for kid, baby and offspring.

"Mittagessen" means what?

"Das Mittagessen" is German for lunch. It is the words for middle and meal combined.

"Lila" means _____ in German.

"Lila" is one of the German words to describe shades of purple. Others include "purpurrot," "violett" and "dunkelrot."

In German, "Jacke" means _______.

"Die Jacke" is one of the German words for jacket. Others include "Mantel" and "Ummantelung."

What does "Zitrone" mean?

"Die Zitrone" is German for lemon. Other German words for lemon include "der Zitronenbaum" and "das Zitrongelb."

"Schlafen" means what?

"Schlafen" is a German verb which means to sleep. The German verb "übernachten" can also mean to sleep or to spend the night.

"Lecker" means _____ in German.

"Lecker" is a German adjective which means tasty. German synonyms of "lecker" include "geschmackvoll" and "schmackhaft."

In German, "glücklich" means ______.

"Glücklich" can mean happy, lucky or blessed in German. Synonyms of this adjective include "zufrieden" and "froh."

What does "Flugzeug" mean?

One of the most common German words used for airplane is "das Flugzeug." The word "die Maschine" can be used to refer to a plane, engine or other vehicle.

"Clever" means what?

"Clever" is a German word meaning smart. German synonyms include "intelligent," "klug" and "schlau."

In German, "Stadt" means _____.

"Die Stadt" is a German word for city. "Die Großstadt" is also used.

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Sprichst du Deutsch? English and German may be linguistic cousins, but that doesn't mean that knowing how to speak one language means you automatically speak the other. The two are, in fact, quite different, with different histories, systems of sounds, accents and major grammatical differences. For example, in German, nouns can have three different genders. Also, did we mention that all nouns are capitalized in written German? Yup. 

Some of the most interesting words in German are long and rather odd by English standards. These are words like Kummerspeck, which literally translates to "grief bacon." This word refers to the weight put on due to emotional eating in times of stress or grief. There's also Treppenwitz, which means "staircase joke." This refers to the phenomenon where people think of the best comebacks after an encounter or argument is over. 

While many of us took Spanish, French or German in school, these language skills can quickly become rusty if they are not put to use. It's very hard to learn a language, but losing one can happen before you know it. If you are a language master with a strong German vocabulary, then put your skills to the ultimate test with this quiz!

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