Quiz: Do You Know the Most Important Dates in Human History?
Do You Know the Most Important Dates in Human History?
By: John Miller
Image: Clément-Auguste Andrieux

About This Quiz

That blind date you had with that weirdo a few years ago? Yeah, that was not an important date. But human history is full of world-changing dates, the moments that truly altered the course of humanity… for better or for worse. Do you think you know anything about the vital dates that changed the way our species exists?

Society-shattering events don’t always happen in an instant. They’re often the culmination of many years of planning (or mistakes) that wind up with hefty consequences for millions – or perhaps billions – of people around the world. You probably know what happened on that fateful December 7 in 1941. But do you, really?

No one needs to be reminded what the term “9/11” means. In America and around the world, it’s the moment the Twin Towers fell in New York. The immediate devastation was unfathomable – the fallout was equally incredible. Can you name other dates that were as important as September 11, 2001?

From political assassinations to world wars to amazing technological breakthroughs, our history as a species has unfolded in countless ways. Whether we are talking D-Day or an extra-special year, let’s see how much you really know about monumental moments in human history now!

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