Quiz: Do You Know the Names of These Jobs in the Church?
Do You Know the Names of These Jobs in the Church?
By: Heather Cahill
Image: Hill Street Studios/Walter Jimenez/ Blend Images/gettyimages

About This Quiz

If you've been to church, you know that there is a lot to learn. From studying the Bible to learning the beautiful songs, you know it all! Behind all of that learning is a group of people who make it all work. From as local as the priest at your church to as high as the pope, how well do you really know the jobs?

Do you know the duties of the pope, the archbishop or the social minister? What about the deacon, elder or the moderator of the curia? They all have their own unique roles that are important in some way. Do you know the hierarchy of the church or the priesthood? If you do, this quiz will be no trouble for you!

Do you know the difference between the bishop and the archbishop? What about the titles given to certain people who excel at their jobs? Can you name the person who represents the pope? If this sounds easy, just wait – it only gets harder from here!

Maybe you've worked in the church, or maybe you just know a lot about the people who keep it running smoothly. No matter where your knowledge on the subject comes from, take a shot at this quiz to put it to the test!

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