Do You Know the Original Ghostbusters Movie?


Where did Dan Aykroyd find inspiration for the movie?

Apparently, Dan's family was comprised of some pretty spiritual people. Spiritualists, to be exact. His great-grandfather conducted seances.

The movie was originally set to take place where?

The original concept was to have the movie take place in the future, but the director decided instead to set it in present-day New York. And he decided that they should work out of a fire station.

Which A-list star was supposed to be in the movie?

He was supposed to play Winston Zeddemore, but he couldn't do it because of his schedule. He was filming "Beverly Hills Cop."

Which star's death led to the recasting of Peter Venkman?

After John Belushi's death, they were forced to recast Peter Venkman. Bill Murray eventually got the role.

What was true about Bill Murray's lines in the movie?

Apparently, Murray ad-libbed most of his lines. And they're some of the funniest lines in the movie! Was Ramis upset? Probably not.

What is the marshmallow goo that explodes onto William Atherton?

50 pounds of shaving cream, to be exact. It seems like a smart choice, because marshmallow is probably very hard to wash off.

Before Bill Murray was cast as Venkman, who was going to replace Belushi?

Both actors were considered after Belushi died. In the end, Bill Murray was cast instead.

Which of these actors was considered for the role of Dr. Egon Spengler?

Lithgow was considered for the role of Egon, as were Jeff Goldblum and Christopher Walken. In the end, Ramis decided to play the role that he wrote.

What was the nickname for Slimer on the set?

Apparently Slimer smelt so bad that they named him Onion Head. Audiences were the ones that chose the name Slimer.

When did the film debut?

It debuted in 1984, and George Orwell might not have approved. It also re-opened in 1985.

How many weeks did "Ghostbusters" hold the #1 spot?

It held the top spot for 8 weeks. Seven of those were consecutive. When it re-opened again, it still broke the top ten.

Who sued Ray Parker Jr. after he released the theme song?

Apparently, Huey thought the song plagiarized "I Want a New Drug." The case was settled out of court.

How much did the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man suit cost?

That's right, it cost a whopping $20,000! And not only that, there was more than one suit! That's expensive for the '80s.

Which is the best description of "Ghostbusters"?

It was an absolute sensation. It was the highest-grossing comedy of all time, until "Home Alone" came out.

What did director Ivan Reitman say about the first draft​ of "Ghostbusters"?

Ivan Reitman said that the first draft was so long, it was like a telephone book! It also had a different title at first.

What was the movie originally called?

The movie was called "Ghost Smashers" in the first draft. Let's all be honest - "Ghostbusters" sounds a lot better.

Who is actually an extra in the movie?

The porn star Ron Jeremy is in the film in the background. He would go on to make the hit "This Ain’t Ghosbusters XXX." Did you see it?

Who voices the demonic Dana/Zuul?

It's the director's voice! Maybe he just wanted to be a part of the movie somehow, or he was trying to save money.

What did Sigourney Weaver do in her audition?

Her character turns into an evil dog, so Sigourney acted like a dog in the audition! Apparently, this is what won her the role.

Who was the inspiration for Slimer?

The partying, corpulent, rude ghost known as Slimer was actually inspired by Belushi. So even though he died, he was in the film, in spirit.

Who was supposed to play Louis Tully?

John Candy wanted the role expanded to be more of a starring role. That's why Rick Moranis was cast instead. He provided his own wardrobe.

Who was Egon named after?

Egon was the first name of an exchange student from Hungary, who Ramis met at school. Spangler came from the German philosopher Oswald Spangler.

When did the writers come up with "crossing the streams"?

While filming, the actors didn't know how to kill the Marshmallow Man! They improvised on the spot and decided to cross the streams.

Why did they almost have to change the name of the movie?

There was an actual '70s TV show called "The Ghost Busters." They had already filmed most of the movie, so they cut a deal with Universal.

How did the director feel at the first film screening?

He thought maybe the movie wasn't going to work at all. But once he heard the audience laughing, he knew it was going to be a hit.

What was the original projected budget for the film?

When the film was set to take place in the future, it was expected to cost a whopping $300 million! Once it was reset​ in the present, it was only projected at $30 million. That's a budget cut!

In the original trailer, what phone number was used?

It was originally a 1-800 number and this led to thousands of calls per hour for six weeks. They finally changed it to a 555 number.

Ray Parker Jr.’s theme song was a #1 hit for how long?

It was at the top of the charts for 3 weeks. Of course, Huey Lewis didn't like this one bit. It's still one of the most iconic movie theme songs.

The Ghostbusters' firehouse was used in what other film?

It was turned into a mechanic shop for "The Mask." The building can still be found at 14 N. Moore St., Manhattan, New York.

The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man was originally​ supposed to appear from where?

To show his massive size, the Marshmallow Man was going to appear from the river beside the Statue of Liberty. As it turned out, it was too expensive to film.

Which "80s pop queen appears in the film?

Debbie Gibson makes a little appearance in the film, as does Larry King. In fact, it was Larry King's film debut.

How long did the film shoot in NYC?

It's an iconic NYC movie, but it only filmed in the city for four weeks! The rest must have been done at the studio.

William Atherton, the actor who plays Walter Peck, endured what after the film was released?

The actor actually got into altercations in bars. He was heckled. People thought he was actually his character.

How many cars were used for Ecto-1?

Amazingly, there was only one car used for Ecto-1. Unfortunately, the car died sometime during the filming of "Ghostbusters 2."

What was used as slime in the opening library scene?

Chinese food starch, or Methyl Silos, was used as slime in the opening scene. But it actually looks more like green Jello!

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