Quiz: Do You Know the Real Words to These Mispronounced Song Lyrics?
Do You Know the Real Words to These Mispronounced Song Lyrics?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: Neon Tommy

About This Quiz

Think you are a music buff? You may be a total music lover, but sometimes it can be hard to know the exact lyrics to popular songs. While Broadway and more classical styles of music often have strict pronunciation rules for vocalists, all that goes out the window when it comes to pop and rock and roll. In fact, sometimes, the rougher and more unintelligible the pronunciation of the words in these songs, the better they can be. No one judges rock stars on how round their vowel sounds are. What matters is that we can feel their passion and energy.     

This leads to all sorts of accents, pronunciations, and quirks, making songs a bit hard to understand at times. Misunderstood song lyrics are super common. People can listen to the same song for years without really knowing the words. In a group of friends, they all might even have different ideas of what the words in one single song are. This is why this quiz is for the true music fiends who know their favorite songs inside and out. 

If you are a music lover with a well-trained and talented ear, put it to the test with this very musical quiz! 

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