Quiz: Do You Know the Role of These Ancient Greek Gods?
Do You Know the Role of These Ancient Greek Gods?
By: Olivia Cantor
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About This Quiz

Fans of Greek mythology will surely ace this one. If you can identify these chosen gods, whether major or minor, then you're a walking legend.

Common knowledge from pop culture such as comics, films and TV  always includes references to the Olympian gods and their conquests. But true-blue Greek myth fans will know that they're not the very first gods out there. 

Studying Greek mythology further, one would discover that there have been two sets of generations before the group we're very familiar with already. The Olympian gods staged a mutiny and deposed the generation before them, called the Titans. Get to know these Olympian gods and their Titan parents in this quiz.

But it didn't start with the Titans, either. After all, one would wonder where they came from, in the first place. The very first lineage of gods is called primordial beings. These ancient deities are recognized as the first generation of gods and goddesses in Greek mythology. These first generations also bore children that became gods of a certain aspect of existence. And boy, they are many! 

Let's start with the men, shall we? See which of these major and minor gods handle which aspects of our lives. Open up and discover!

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He's the leader of the Olympian gods, and that's his primary job. Can you identify this alpha male leader?
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From his name, you'd know that he has something to do with time. Who is he?
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All things love is his domain. Can you name this romantic god?
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Potterheads might recognize his name from the "Fantastic Beasts" movies, but he's actually a Greek myth river god. Can you identify him?
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For bringing fire to humans, he was punished for all eternity. Can you name this immortal?
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All bodies of water encompass his reign of domain. Who's this wet Olympian god?
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You're getting sleepy, sleepy, sleepy ... because of this god. What's his name?
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When it comes to carrying the world on your shoulders, he can give you some advice. Can you name him?
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Records show that this beautiful minor god is, like Aphrodite, a god of beauty and desire. What's his name?
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The great messenger of the Olympian gods is known by which name?
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He's one of the primordial gods who personified the heavens. What's his legendary name?
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This demigod is appreciated for his enormous strength. Who's this half-breed?
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Eros had a brother, and he's the god of love that is returned in kind. Can you guess his name?
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All things wine, grapes and revelry that involves celebrations are related to which happy-looking god?
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Who is Artemis' twin god, the guardian of the sun?
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In Roman mythology, his name is Mars. What's the Greek name of the god of war?
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This shining god is said to be the personification of the sun. Do you know him?
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He's one of the most familiar of the wind gods. Who controls the north wind?
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Humans who both have the reproductive organs of the male and female can relate to this god's similar situation. Do you know what he's called?
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Thank this god of fear for bringing us many concepts of things we're afraid of--or maybe not. Who's this scary being?
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This half-goat and half-human creature is the god of flocks and shepherds. Who's this?
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Officially an Olympian god, he's not too visible because he rules the underworld. Can you identify him?
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In need of luck, moments that fall on your favor or better opportunities? This god can help. What's his name?
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His brother is the god of sleep, and he's the god of death, a form of permanent sleep. What's his name?
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The god of dreams is named like a "Matrix" character. Can you guess who?
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Even mockery or satire has a Greek god personification. Without sarcasm, can you guess who?
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This god is in charge of the evening star of the sky, since he's the personification of it. Can you guess who?
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The gods also need a physician, and he's the one on 24/7 duty. Can you name him?
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In mafia terms, we can relate this guy to a godfather's capo, since he functioned as such for Zeus. Who's this Titan?
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This mighty Titan god is associated with watchfulness and wisdom. Who's this one?
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He found the time to get married to Aphrodite, in between making weapons for the Olympian gods. What's this deity's name?
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Since he came out directly from Chaos, he is considered as a god of darkness. What's his name?
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When it comes to emulation, dedication, and even jealousy and rivalry, you can nod to which minor god for those things?
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Even the river Nile has a god that protects it, and his name is what?
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If there's a god personification of the evening star, the morning star has one, too. Can you name this shining example?
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