Quiz: Do You Know the Secrets of the Black Ops?
Do You Know the Secrets of the Black Ops?
By: John Miller
Image: Colin Anderson/ Blend Images/gettyimages

About This Quiz

In the middle of the night in Abbottabad, Pakistan, they landed their helicopters with deadly intent. Ten years after the September 11 attacks brought down the World Trade Center towers and sent the world reeling in horror, a top-secret mission was underway in hopes of capturing or killing the 9/11 mastermind, Osama bin Laden. It was a so-called "black ops" mission, one with secretive soldiers and high-tech weapons known only to America's intelligence leaders. And hours later, bin Laden's body was dropped - lifeless - into the sea. In this quiz, you too can peer into the dark waters of US black operations.

For decades, America's black ops have been the stuff of legend and lore.They are not really existent, they are not really on a United States payroll, and they are not truly part of the official military. Instead, they exist in a shadowy world in which missions are so dangerous and so politically sensitive that no one can know about them, not even the American taxpayers who foot the bills. Do you really think you know anything about how black ops are funded and planned?

Throughout World War II, the Allied used spies and secret missions to undermine the Nazis and the Japanese Empire. And after the war, they were doubled down, instructing undercover agents to chew political and social holes in the Communist bloc.

Take this cloak-and-dagger quiz now! Let's find out how little you really know about America's black ops!

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