Quiz: Do You Know the Teams These #1 NFL Draft Picks Were Selected By?
Do You Know the Teams These #1 NFL Draft Picks Were Selected By?
By: John Miller
Image: JABO

About This Quiz

For every Peyton Manning there is a David Carr. For every Andrew Luck, there is the misfortune of a Bo Jackson and John Elway. The number one pick in the NFL draft is a status loaded with immense (and often unrealistic) expectations and often followed by incredible disappointment. Do you think you can go undefeated in our NFL draft pick quiz?

Football pundits love to rate each year’s top draft picks, and very often they have no idea what they’re talking about. Sure, Elway turned out to be the man with the golden arm, but he wouldn’t even talk to the team that drafted him. Same goes for Bo Jackson. How do you feel about that number one pick now, guys?

Sometimes, the number one pick is almost a given — in the case of Troy Aikman, for example. Other times, teams surprise everyone by digging through talent and coming up with strange picks for number one, and we are definitely looking at you, Eric Fisher and Courtney Brown.

Let’s see if you really know your number one draft pick history. Can you match the following college standouts with the team that selected them at number one?

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