Quiz: Do You Know These Basic Massage Therapy Techniques?
Do You Know These Basic Massage Therapy Techniques?
By: Kennita Leon
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About This Quiz

The art of massage is one that has been practiced for thousands of years. Believed to have started on the Asian continent, this movement has crossed both borders and continents and is available on even the tiniest of islands. But because of the time that has passed on how widespread the practice has now become, there are so many techniques available that we sometimes have a hard time choosing what exactly it is that we want. 

But we won't go into all the massaging techniques that exist. We're only going to quiz you on the more common or basic ones, like the Swedish, the shiatsu, the hot stone, the deep tissue and more. We'll tell you a bit about each massage in the question and it will be up to you to guess which one we're talking about. If you can do this with all our questions, and answer them correctly, you'll be a certified massage therapist in our books. Let's just hope that it doesn't take you the duration of a massage to get this done. 

So. if you're ready to begin, let's get to the first question!

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This technique is known as the classic massage and is offered everywhere massages are done. What is its name?
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Essential oils are key in this technique. To which one are we referring?
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Similar to a Swedish massage, this one relieves tension in the muscles. Which is it?
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Which of these techniques was made specifically for athletes?
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Also known as the water cure, what's the more common name of the technique that uses water?
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It's a holistic massage technique developed in India thousands of years ago. What is its name?
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Which method aims to promote the movement of qi or chi in the body?
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Which of the options below is a clinical treatment designed to treat specific health conditions?
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Which of the following techniques is also known as zone therapy?
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Which massage technique deactivates certain points of the body to stop pain?
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A form of alternative medicine that makes use of acupuncture, which technique clears blockages?
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This technique specifically treats complications of cancer and its treatments. What is it called?
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This technique is Japanese and means "finger pressure." What is its name?
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Named after a country whose capital is Bangkok, but is actually a mix of Chinese and Indian techniques, what kind of massage are we talking about?
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A massage meant to alleviate pain and other maladies, which technique was developed for pregnant women?
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A traditional massage named after a country that is also known as Myanmar, which of the following techniques is it?
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This kind of massage focuses on the muscles surrounding our joints. Which is it?
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By using pressure on certain parts of the body, this kind of massage alleviates pain. To which of the following are we referring?
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Which of these massages requires one to be fully clothes and seated?
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A type of massage created by Joseph Heller that is more mental and emotional. Can you name this technique?
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This technique helps bonding with babies. What is it called?
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This traditional tropical massage uses many parts of the hands and feet. What is its name?
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Developed in the former Soviet Union, do you know the name of this kind of massage which uses reflexology and pressure point techniques?
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Which massage uses Taoist principles for balance in specific aspects of one's life?
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Which of these massages, as the name suggests, was designed for the elderly?
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Meant to help with muscle immobility, which technique helps with stretch reflex?
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Which of the following techniques is meant to help lymphatic drainage?
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This kind of treatment makes the use of passive water therapy. Can you tell us its name?
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As the name suggests, this kind of massage combines a variety of techniques. What is its name?
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This is a combination of massage and yoga. What do you think it is?
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Done by a religious healer who aims to clean body, mind and spirit, which kind of technique is it?
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Although this kind of massage sounds somewhat mechanical, it works to heal emotional, spiritual and physical wounds. Which is it?
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What type of massage works on clearing energies or "chi"?
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This is a kind of deep tissue manipulation that is meant to release tissue adhesions. What is its name?
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