Quiz: Do You Know These Fun Random Facts About US States?
Do You Know These Fun Random Facts About US States?
By: John Miller
Image: Factnomenal

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The United States was founded on July 4, 1776, and once the young nation had earned its independence from Britain in the American Revolution, it slowly began adding new states. Now, there are 50 states, and -- excluding the Dakotas -- they are all quite different from one another. In this trivia-heavy quiz, do you think you know enough about the states to identify the following facts?

It’s the “Sooner State,” and it was the setting of some of the most iconic moments of the Wild West. And each year, it seems this area is beset by incredibly powerful tornadoes that kill residents and ruin towns. Do you know this famous state? It is, of course, Oklahoma. 

It is called the “Land of Enchantment,” and it’s the setting of the hit TV show “Breaking Bad.” Its famous artsy communities, like Taos and Santa Fe, draw artists from all over the world. And it was also home to the Trinity Test, the first successful atomic bomb detonation in world history. Did you know that we’re referring to New Mexico?

Do you really think you know the differences between the Carolinas? How about the Virginias? Or even the Dakotas? Are you pretty sure that Iowa and Nebraska are the same state?

Tap into your brain’s store of national trivia now! In this quiz, we’ll find out if you’re a real American or if you should be immediately deported to Russia.

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