Quiz: Do You Know These Home Repair Hacks?
Do You Know These Home Repair Hacks?
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

When you own a home, stuff just goes wrong. Sorry, but it's true. The good news is that there are some simple and easy ways to fix minor problems! In this quiz, we're going to test your knowledge of common home repair hacks that provide some awesome results! So, put down the drill and pick up something random, like a toothbrush.

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WD-40 will remove _____ from walls.
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What can be used to fix a squeaky door?
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You can remove pet hair from your carpet using a . . . ?
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Soak your shower head in ______ to remove mineral deposits.
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When should you actually use crayons on your walls?
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You can clean grout using . . . ?
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What removes a carpet dent?
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How can you make a screw go in more easily?
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Can you make a nail go into the wall without hitting your fingers?
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How can you protect your paint tray?
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Can vinyl flooring be put back when it starts to come up?
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You can check to see if your toilet has a leak using . . . ?
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What helps remove a stripped screw?
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What's an easy way to remove scuff marks from the floor?
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How can you remove a broken light bulb?
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What can relieve squeaky floorboards?
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Clear nail polish can fix . . . ?
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How can you cut tile more easily?
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What's the best way to secure fragile wood veneer that is coming off?
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How can you fix a dent in a wood floor?
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How can you prevent screws from coming loose?
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How can you achieve straight caulking?
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What makes the perfect garage bumper?
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How can you prevent a door from latching?
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How can you keep your nails on hand?
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Peeling wallpaper can be fixed with glue and . . . . ?
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How can you tighten sagging caning?
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How can you freshen your disposal?
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How do you eliminate bad odors immediately?
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What is a funny remedy for a dusty chandelier?
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What's a great way to revive your wood cutting board?
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How can you keep your extension cords untangled?
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What's great for removing decals?
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How can you loosen stubborn vinyl windows?
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