Do you know these musicals turned into movies?


Which summer lovin' musical hit the big screen?

It's one of the greatest musicals on the big screen of all time! Who can forget "Grease"?

In which of these does the King of Halloween Town discover Christmas Town?

Okay, this one came from a poem by Tim Burton, not a stage show. But it's a great movie musical.

Which movie musical is about the last two weeks of Christ's life?

This classic '70s movie is all about Christ! Amen.

Which of these movie musicals is about the Demon Barber of Fleet Street?

The main character was famously portrayed by Johnny Depp. Although there's nothing scary about that guy!

The hills are alive in what stunning adaptation?

When Julie Andrews sings on the mountaintop, everyone holds their breath.

Which of these epic musicals stars Hugh Jackman?

Who can forget that performance? Remarkable, not miserable.

What famous movie musical features the song "Maria"?

Perhaps one of the greatest movie musicals of all time! It's loosely based on "Romeo and Juliet."

Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn break hearts in which movie musical?

A big-screen classic, "My Fair Lady" is not to be missed!

A giant, man-eating plant is center stage in which musical?

There's nothing creepier than a man-eating plant.

Marilyn Monroe is at her best in which musical adaptation?

Quintessential Marilyn Monroe. Diamonds are, in fact, a girl's best friend!

Everyone cries, "Good morning, Baltimore," in this movie hit!

This John Travolta hit will get you dancing in your seat!

An East German emigrant living in a trailer in Kansas is the star of which indie musical?

Hedwig has a cult following. If you see the musical, you'll know why.

Madonna tears it up in what musical adaptation?

Playing the famed Eva Peron, Madonna does a good job in this one. But the critics didn't think so.

Which Meryl Streep musical dominated the box office?

An instant classsic. "Mamma Mia!" is charming both onstage and onscreen. ABBA was a supergroup, after all.

Which edgy Italian musical was based on a Fellini film, "8 1/2"?

Nine was based on a semi-autobiographical Fellini film. Apparently "8 1/2" is followed by "Nine."

Which of these smash musical hits starred Gerard Butler?

It was his first movie musical, and boy was he fetching in it.

Which of these musicals was a JFK White House favorite?

JFK's whole era in the White House is known as Camelot, and the First Lady loved the musical film.

What is the musical based on the Gospel according to St. Matthew?

"Godspell" was made into a movie in 1973. The '70s were a time of making musicals about Christ.

Which of these movie musicals is inspired by The Who?

Classic '70s musical. Who can forget Tina Turner in that one?

What movie musical features both Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra?

"On the Town" was an instant classic, combining two movie powerhouses.

Harold Hill, a traveling con man​, makes his way to River City in which movie musical?

There's trouble in River City. And it's Harold Hill.

In what movie musical do Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra team up?

This '20s gangster musical brought these two marvelous talents together for the first time.

Which Gilbert and Sullivan comic operetta starred Kevin Kline?

Classic Kevin Kline film. He swings from ropes!

Love, AIDS, and NYC hit the big screen in which movie musical?

One song, glory. One song, before I go.

Which small Scottish village is where the folks behave as if they were still living two hundred years in the past?

Brigadoon is a fine 1950s musical, directed by Vincente Minnelli.

Which of these movie musicals is about baseball?

Please, tell me you got that right.

Which was the first classic stage musical brought to the screen?

Considered to be the first classic musical of its kind, "Show Boat" was groundbreaking.

Which​ of these was a Liza Minnelli sensation?

Liza steals the show! But she always does.

Which of these was a Barbra Streisand​ hit?

Of all the Streisand musicals, this might be the best.

Which of these had an all African-American cast?

With an all African-American cast, this is a retelling of "The Wizard of Oz."

Which musical starred Johnny Depp and Ricki Lake?

This is classic John Waters, at his best. Ricki Lake was also in "Hairspray."

Which of these musicals had a sequel?

"Grease 2" actually exists! It's pretty good, too.

Which of these Julie Andrews musicals was an instant classic?

A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down! Everybody knows that.

Which of these is about a group of teenagers at a New York high school for the performing arts?

This is a classic singing and dancing bonanza! Not to be missed.

Which of these musicals has Meat Loaf in it? (The performer, not the food.)

Although we all kind of wish that Meat Loaf was in "Hair."

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