Do You Know These Obscure Los Angeles Landmarks?


Lummis Castle el Alisal was built ______.

Lummis Castle el Alisal is a famous stone castle that was built by hand. Literally, the owner built it stone by stone.

The Hollywood sign was supposed to be ______.

Did you know that L.A.'s most famous landmark was supposed to be temporary? It has lasted decades longer than it should have - with renovations.

What does the Los Angeles Coroner's Office sell?

Skeletons in the Closet is the Los Angeles Coroner's Office gift shop, as it were. They sell body bags and toe tags.

Have you viewed Griffith Observatory's _____ Coil?

The Griffith Park Observatory is a landmark in and of itself. But most people don't know about the fiery Tesla Coil!

Where is America's most famous self-built architecture?

Watts towers is a famously obscure L.A. landmark. It's also the most famous piece of self-built architecture in America, built by one man without much of a plan.

Say a prayer at Cathedral of Our Lady of the ______.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels is an L.A. staple. The crypt contains relics of the third century martyr, Saint Vibiana.

Go see a movie at the Hollywood _________ Cemetery.

The Hollywood Forever Cemetery is the resting place for many stars. It's also a destination for outdoor summer movies!

For occult books, head to the _____ Research Society.

The Philosophical Research Society offers rare occult books. You can peruse them, but you can't buy them!

To see some redwoods, head to _____ Cafeteria.

This redwood-themed cafeteria has it all. There's also this saying: "Dine Free Unless Delighted."

L.A. has a unique _____ Movie Theater.

The Silent Movie Theater of Los Angeles is the only one of its kind! Go and see what life was like before the Talkies.

Need a drink? Head to _____ Ti.

Tiki Ti is the place for drinks and delight. This family-owned tropical drink joint was established in the '60s.

Freak out at the Los Feliz _____ Mansion.

The Los Feliz Murder Mansion is not for the faint of heart. It was abandoned after a double murder-suicide in the 1960s.

For something unique, head to Bob Baker _____ Theater.

Bob Baker Marionette Theater has over 3,000 puppets for your entertainment. There are also free cups of ice cream.

Visit a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright's ______.

John Sowden House is the most famous work of one of Frank Lloyd Wright's sons. It's secluded by lush tropical landscape.

You won't be able to get into the _____ Castle.

You can see the Magic Castle from the outside, but you can't go in! That is, unless you're a member of the Academy of Magical Arts.

Want to see ghosts? Head to the Linda _____ Hospital.

The Linda Vista Hospital was basically abandoned. Today, it's a destination for ghost hunters and thrill seekers.

Be an animal at the Old Zoo _____ Area.

There's nothing like lunch at the Old Zoo Picnic Area. This abandoned zoo gives guests the opportunity to be behind bars.

At the last Victorian residence in Hollywood, you'll find a ______.

Be sure to visit No Vacancy, the prohibition-style speakeasy. You can find it at the last Victorian residence in LA.

Everyone loves the Museum of _____.

The Museum of Death: What's not to like? This is the best collection of serial killer artwork.

Want to see a sideshow? Head to the California Institute of _______.

The California Institute of Abnormalarts is a Los Angeles treasure. Here, you can see strange sideshow displays and musical acts.

Scientology has a spooky museum about _____.

Scientology has their own spooky museum about psychiatry. It's called Psychiatry: An Industry of Death.

What space shuttle will you find in L.A.?

Los Angeles is the final resting place for the Space Shuttle Endeavor. Go and see the space program monolith.

Disney inspiration came from the ______ Cottages.

No trip to Los Angeles is complete without seeing the Snow White Cottages. The magical little houses inspired one of history's most famous animated films.

This famous piece is an homage to the sun.

Phantasma Gloria is an amazing piece of art made entirely of glass. It's one man's artistic homage to the sun.

Have you explored the _____ of Los Angeles?

Have you explored the underground tunnels of Los Angeles? Service tunnels were used during prohibition, when corrupt city officials ran drinking dens under the streets of the city.

Make a trip to the Echo Park _____ Mart.

No trip to L.A. is complete without visiting the Echo Park Time Travel Mart. Here you can find what you need to travel to the fourth dimension.

Take a short ride on the Angels Flight _______.

Angels Flight is L.A.'s fun little funicular. It's also believed to be the shortest railroad in the world.

The Idle Hour bar is shaped like a giant ______.

Idle Hour pays homage to L.A.'s roadside past. It's shaped like a giant whiskey barrel.

For a hotdog, there's nothing like _______.

Pink's has a cult following in Los Angeles. If you buy from Wienerschnitzel, you will be shamed.

For your favorite soda, head to _____ Soda Pop Stop.

Soda lovers need to head to Galco's Soda Pop Stop. Here, you will find over 700 different kinds of pop!

L.A. is where Elvis got into what?

L.A. is the city where Elvis got into Eastern philosophy. Specifically, it was at the Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine.

The Garden of Oz is known for its ______.

The Garden of Oz is known for its thrones. This secluded Oz-themed garden is in the Hollywood hills.

For a broken heart, head to Los Angeles' Museum of Broken _________ .

The Los Angeles Museum of Broken Relationships might make you feel better. But it also might make you feel worse.

For the best view of the Hollywood sign, head to the _____ Cave.

The Bronson Cave is the best place to view the Hollywood sign. While there, say hello to Batman.

Be sure to visit the _____ City.

Be sure to visit the Sunken City in Los Angeles. This mess of old foundations and streets lies on a cliff where a landslide occurred in 1929.

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