Do You Know These Popular Motorcycle Brands?

Annette Parks

Where is Aprilia from?

Motorcycle manufacturer Aprilia hails from Italy. They make killer motorbikes, scooters and accessories.

What's the brand with the famous blue and white checkered logo?

The iconic blue and white checkered logo is pure BMW. Whenever you see those famous colors, you feel a warm, fuzzy feeling all throughout your being.

Where do Victory motorcycles come from?

Victory is pure USA, through and through. The large red V is their logo, and when you see it, you feel victorious.

Which of these small manufacturers makes choppers?

All of these small companies make custom choppers. The names may not be familiar, but their creations are totally unforgettable.

What do Vespa, Piaggio and MotoFino share in common?

All of these brands are famous for making scooters. Vespa is probably the most iconic of them all!

Ducati is viewed as what?

Ducati is considered to be a luxury brand. They make superior bikes that sell like hotcakes.

What are the colors of Ducati?

Ducati goes bold with their trademark red and white logo. Everyone loves Ducati, as they're one of the most popular Italian brands.

What do Ice Bear, Polaris and Kazuma share in common?

All of these brands make ATVs. All Terrain Vehicles create just as much of a thrill as motorcycles!

Which of these is a defunct motorcycle brand?

Hodaka went very much out of business, but the other two are thriving. If you own an old Hodaka, it's best to consider it a museum piece.

Where are Triumph bikes manufactured?

Triumph is the quintessential U.K. motorcycle manufacturer. But you don't have to be British to be a fan! The brand is quite popular in the U.S.

Where are Kymco bikes manufactured?

Manufactured in the Republic of China, Kymco bikes are super popular. They're also known for their scooters and maxi-scooters.

Which of these motorcycle manufacturers can be found in Japan?

Okay, that was an easy one! These are some of the most popular Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, and their bikes are beloved around the world.

What does a KTM logo look like?

KTM features a solid orange and black logo. Hailing from Australia, the popular brand is best known for its dirt bikes.

When did Buell motorcycles go under?

Buell sadly went under in October of 2009. That's always sad to see, especially when they're a U.S. manufacturer.

Who makes the popular 3-wheel Spyder?

Can-Am makes the ultra stable 3-wheel Spyder which is turning so many heads. This is a beloved Canadian brand.

What's the symbol of Moto Guzzi?

Moto Guzzi uses the iconic symbol of the eagle as its logo. This is one of the most popular motorcycle brands, and they hail from Italy.

What are the signature Harley-Davidson colors?

Harley is so American, that its colors should be red, white and blue! Instead, they're the signature pumpkin orange with black and white. Pure Harley.

Who owns Victory and Indian brand names?

Polaris owns the Victory and Indian brand names. These are some of the most popular bikes in the U.S.

Who is leading the pack in terms of sales?

As of 2017, Kawasaki is the top-selling motorcycle brand in the world. Second and third are Aprilia and Yamaha.

What kind of bikes did the two main characters ride in "CHiPS"?

The '70s cop show called "CHiPS" starred Larry Wilcox and Erik Estrada. They rode Kawasakis, even though Estrada didn't have a motorcycle license.

Which state tends to have the most new motorcycle sales each year?

California has the most new bike buyers. It makes sense, when you think of all that open space! And Californians are crazy.

In 2014, what percentage of U.S. motorcyclists were women?

That's a huge leap, considering that in 1998 they made up 8% of U.S. riders. Let's hope this trend keeps up!

What is true about the makeup of riders in America?

Unfortunately, there aren't as many young riders as there used to be. They weren't around to see "Easy Rider."

Where was the first Harley made?

The first Harley was made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Today, this is where you'll find the Harley museum.

What region is expected to buy the most motorcycles in 2018?

Asia-Pacific is slated by far to purchase the most motorcycles in 2018. This is followed by Africa and the Mideast.

Where was the first production of a steam-powered motorbike?

Leave it to the French to come up with everything. In the 1860's Michaux et Cie created a steam-powered motorbike.

When was Indian founded in the United States?

Indian began production in 1901. They made over 500 bikes by 1902.

During WWI, how much of Harley's output went to supplying bikes for the war?

By the end of the war, 50% of Harley's bikes were being made for the troops. Motorbikes were instrumental in WWI.

Harley and Indian were fierce competitors in the U.S. until what happened?

Their rivalry ended when Indian finally went other and was sold to the English. Until then, Harley and Indian controlled the market.

When did biker culture start in the States?

Biker culture really took hold after WWII. This was amplified by Brando's 1953 movie "The Wild One."

Which of these was a top British manufacturer?

These British manufacturers dominated the market for some time. That is, until the Japanese showed up to the party.

When did Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki start to produce motorcycles?

They started producing motorcycles in the 1950s. It was at this time that they overcame the English domination.

When were small two-stroke motorcycles the most popular?

The small two-stroke motorcycles were most popular from the '60s till the '90s. This was thanks to German innovation.

Where was​ the first diesel-powered motorcycle sold to the public?

The Dutch company E.V.A. announced the first diesel bike in 2006. Since then, it has proven to be innovative.

What is a Flying Flea?

The Flying Flea was developed by Royal Enfield during WWII. It was a foldable bike that could be carried by parachutists.

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