Quiz: Do You Know If This WWII Weapon Was Used By the Axis or Allies?
Do You Know If This WWII Weapon Was Used By the Axis or Allies?
By: John Miller
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

World War II is arguably the worst catastrophe to have ever struck the world. It involved nearly every continent and affected every country on the planet. Tens of millions of people died - both civilians and military. From a brutal and maniacal attack on Eastern Europe and Africa to political upheaval and the industrial revolution which was a precursor to developing technology at a record rate, there were dozens of factors which played into the destruction this war brought. 

However, it was the technological advancements of weapons that unleashed the horrifying effects of the war. From atomic bombs which could destroy cities to devastating machine guns which could wipe out a front line attack within minutes, these weapons were not only designed to kill but also intended to prove a point and spread fear to enemies. Tanks protected soldiers while running through an opposing army and flak could take down the world's most advanced jets. All the while U-boats eerily maneuvered waters unseen. 

Take this quiz, not to name the weapon, but rather to see if you know which weapons were used by the Axis, or which were used by the Allies. Some may be easy, and others will test you to limits you never knew existed. 

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M1 Garand
2.0 of 30
Tiger Tank
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Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter
4.0 of 30
Colt 1911
5.0 of 30
Little Boy
6.0 of 30
MP 40 machine gun
7.0 of 30
Thompson submachine gun
8.0 of 30
9.0 of 30
MG 42 machine gun
10.0 of 30
Supermarine Spitfire
11.0 of 30
12.0 of 30
13.0 of 30
Maxim MG 08
14.0 of 30
Hawker Hurricane
15.0 of 30
Walther PPK
16.0 of 30
StG 44 rifle
17.0 of 30
Lee–Enfield rifle
18.0 of 30
M2 Carbine
19.0 of 30
P-51 Mustang
20.0 of 30
Browning M2
21.0 of 30
22.0 of 30
Ithaca 37
23.0 of 30
M2 flamethrower
24.0 of 30
M4 Sherman tank
25.0 of 30
Mark 2 hand grenade
26.0 of 30
V-2 rocket
27.0 of 30
Somua S-35 tank
28.0 of 30
29.0 of 30
"88" Flak gun
30.0 of 30
Cromwell tank
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