Quiz: Do You Know What Ended These Wars?
Do You Know What Ended These Wars?
By: John Miller
Image: James F. Gibson

About This Quiz

The world’s most famous wars often begin with literal bangs. Just ask a certain archduke from Austria. But complicated circumstances always unfold when people start killing each other in battle. Sometimes, those fights are literally pointless – other times, they turn the tide of a bloody conflict. In this nearly impossible quiz, do you think you know which events led to the conclusion of these famous wars?

You already know how the Stamp Act and King George’s obstinate nature helped to jump-start the American Revolution. From there, George Washington and his men stole Britain’s thunder, running loose through the colonies and making life hell for the redcoats. But do you really know about the events that brought the Revolution to an end?

Both World Wars had very clear starting points, in which it was obvious that there would be bloodshed, and a lot of it. But both of these major conflicts also featured events that drew them to inevitable conclusions. Can you name those events?  What led to the guns finally falling silent?

How about the finales of the Vietnam War, or the American Civil War? Never surrender in this lead-splattered quiz! Maybe you can end this test like General Washington ended that pesky Cornwallis.

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