Do You Know What It Takes to Bake a Cake?

By: Annette

What sort of eggs should you add to your cake batter?

Eggs should be room temperature when they're added to the batter. So get those eggs out of the fridge.

When is National Cake Day?

That's right. Eat up. And it's close to Thanksgiving, if not the same day!

Which of these is NOT a good way to prep your cake pan?

Yah, seriously. Don't spray it with Windex. Just don't.

What kind of butter should you use?

Unsalted is preferable to salted, but if you're strapped for time or resources, salted is OK. Just cut back or eliminate other added salt, if it's mentioned in your recipe.

What is the purpose of frosting?

Frosting actually has a purpose! But it also tastes darn good.

Why is a bridal cake white?

Symbolizing purity and virginity, the bridal cake has traditionally been white since the Victorian Age.

What causes a cake to be too dry?

A dry cake usually means that you used too much flour and not enough wet ingredients.

What gives red velvet cake its color?

Red velvet cake is flavored with cocoa. The reddish color isn't naturally in the cake - it's added with red food coloring. The tradition started out as a gimmick to sell more little bottles of dye.

What motion should you use when frosting a cake with a spatula?

The push and pull method keeps you from lifting the spatula. This is important to keep the cake from crumbling.

Who said, "Let them eat cake"?

Okay, it was definitely not Hitler. Marie Antoinette instructed a rebellious nation to eat cake. Not bad advice. (Okay, most historians believe she didn't actually say those words, but the quote is still commonly attributed to her.)

What's the best product for thinning out frosting?

This is the best way to thin out frosting that is too thick. But maybe you should give vodka a try too. :)

What kind of flour should you use for a flaky pie crust?

This is preferred for a flaky crust. The others are going to yield a grainier crust, and cake flour is too delicate.

Who was the first to have pure white icing on her wedding cake?

Ever since, it was known as "royal icing." Now, of course, it's quite popular.

Before the 20th century, a bridal cake was known as what?

In the 19th century, it was widely known as the bridal pie before it was the bridal cake.

What is the purpose of a cake comb?

The cake comb adds decorative patterns. It's a utensil with little serrated edges.

What is a shortened cake?

A shortened cake is a traditional cake, with a lot of butter or oil. Yum! This cake will be moist, with a fine crumb.

What do you use to leaven a pound cake?

Baking powder leavens a pound cake, giving it the expected fluffy texture. Careful bakers may omit the baking powder, relying on just the eggs for leavening, but this is a very tricky proposition.

Oil cakes are _______?

Cakes made with oil are moister and denser than other cakes. Carrot cake is an example of this.

When did Bundt cakes become popular?

Bundt cakes became popular in 1966. It was at a Pillsbury baking contest that a Bundt cake won second prize!

German chocolate cake comes from where?

German chocolate cake actually comes from America! It was invented in Dallas, Texas, in the '50s. The baker used chocolate developed by Sam German - Baker's German's Sweet Chocolate.

Why do you use cream of tartar in angel food cake?

Cream of tartar provides the acid to strengthen the egg whites. It also whitens the egg foam.

Which of the following is NOT true about creaming fat for cakes?

Creaming does not make a cake salty, but it does entrap air while you're mixing the fat and sugar.

What's the best way to create egg foam?

To create fluffy egg foam, use only egg whites. This is popular with angel food cake and meringues.

What is a "crumb coat"?

After your cake has cooled, apply a thin layer of frosting, called the crumb coat, to seal in the crumbs. Then apply a thicker outer layer, which will be crumbless!

A tube pan is similar to what other pan?

A Bundt pan is actually a fancier version of the tube pan. It's circular in shape, with a hole in the middle.

In 17th-century England, women put fruitcake under their pillow to do what?​

Sweet dreams, and dreams of a future husband. I should give that a try! The tradition continues today with wedding cake.

The groom's cake was traditionally a fruitcake, and symbolized what?

The groom's fruitcake symbolized fertility. Today, few grooms would dare order a fruitcake for their wedding.

When did wedding cake toppers become popular?

It makes sense that cake toppers became popular in the '50s. There's something very '50s about them.

How should you arrange multiple pans in the oven?

When pans touch they conduct more heat, and that's​ why you want to make sure that there's some space between them.

With a liquid or custard filling, which kind of crust do you want on your pie?

A mealy crust is preferred for a liquid filling, because the whole thing would otherwise fall apart!

How long does it take for a cake to fully cool?

It takes a cake at least an hour to an hour and a half to cool. Make sure it's completely cool before frosting.

What is leavened dough?

Leavening is the rising and maturing of dough. This is required before baking, particularly with bread.

What's a simple trick for making a cake more fluffy?

Instant pudding mix can help to make your cake fluffy and moist, plus it adds flavor. Give it a try!

What can make a cake too dense?

When your flour is too glutinous it causes the cake to rise and then fall, leaving it too dense. To avoid this, don't overmix your batter after adding the flour.

When making buttercream, you should always do what?

Using room temperature ingredients ensures that the buttercream will come out soft and light!

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