Quiz: Do You Know What Started These Wars?
Do You Know What Started These Wars?
By: John Miller
Image: unknown US military photographer. The original uploader was Binksternet at English Wikipedia., 14 April 2008 (original upload date)

About This Quiz

Sometimes, all it takes is a single bullet to trigger a hailstorm of lead that costs millions of lives. That’s one of the lessons of 20th-century politics and diplomacy, and it’s a reason that history teachers push their students to learn from the past. In this bombed-out quiz, do you think you know the causes of history’s biggest wars?

Often, wars begin as a matter of necessity, as humans with differing priorities and needs fail to communicate or negotiate to find common ground. That was definitely a fact that contributed to the beginning of the largest and deadliest war in history. Do you know the other complex variables that made the Second World War nearly unavoidable?

In other situations, nations spend years girding themselves for battles that politicians are sure will add to their national pride, prestige and wealth, conveniently forgetting about the misery that surely follows every blast of gunfire. Just ask anyone who witnessed the horrors of World War I.

Every war, from the Korean War to the Gulf War, to the American Revolution and the American Civil War, all had different underlying causes. Cast aside peace negotiations and dive into the maelstrom of this war causes quiz now!

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