Quiz: Do You Know What the Symbols of a Map Legend Mean?
Do You Know What the Symbols of a Map Legend Mean?
By: Olivia C
Image: Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

In this day and age, map reading skills have become necessary in our daily living.

We are always surrounded by many things in our immediate environment. Going from point A to point B is sometimes a tedious task, especially for those people who claim they are "bad with directions." That's well and good now, since there are many devices and tools that help them cope with today's information-driven world. And one such tool is creating friendly maps that are easy to follow.

The invention of the GPS allows motorists to have the flexibility of navigating their travels. But the GPS is also a map-based system. Do you know the different map symbols that you may encounter in reading this system?

The same is true for looking up something in apps like Google Maps. While it's easier to search for places by typing the words on the search box, the map is still peppered with age-tested symbols that average map readers should be familiar with by now. 

So, do you think you could name some -- if not all -- of these map symbols, common to many kinds of maps these days? Then this quiz will be a cinch for you! Go dive in, then! 

Good luck!

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