Quiz: Do You Know What These Common Acronyms Stand For?
Do You Know What These Common Acronyms Stand For?
By: Zoe Samuel
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A, B, C, D, E, F, G... won't you take this quiz with me? In the world of speech, you're often forced to say whole words, but not in this quiz! From IDK to ASAP, do you know what these common acronyms stand for?

When it comes to language, there are common phrases that everyone is always saying. In the world of literature, authors are talking about points of view. In the army, soldiers are worried about others leaving with no notice. For a wedding invitation, the bride and groom are asking that you please respond. Through all these situations, all the phrases have been shortened to a few short letters.

In the professional world, these acronyms were used and continue to be used quite often, but the rise and fall of T9 and the phenomenon of texting has increased the number of abbreviations ten-fold.

For those who need to step away, they're probably saying BRB (be right back). Before you let your thoughts be known, you might be telling a friend IMHO (in my honest opinion). The world of acronyms has boomed, and when you think about all the possibilities, it's possible to create entire sentences with them! 

The RSVP dates are TBA. Let me know your ETA ASAP. Hopefully, you don't need help on this quiz because you'll have to DIY. Can you solve these common acronyms? Let's find out!

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