Quiz: Do You Know What These Slang Terms From Around the World Mean?
Do You Know What These Slang Terms From Around the World Mean?
By: Robin Tyler
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Although there are many languages spoken around the world, they certainly are not always used in the exact way they were intended. Take English, for example. The phrase, "the Queen's English" refers to its purest form, one that royalty may use. And you can bet your bottom dollar that Queen Elizabeth isn't going to use any slang words... well not in public at least!

That said, slang is a part of just about every language in the world and is found all over the globe. And you know what? Slang can be regional as well. What might a slang word in Australia isn't in England or the United States. But it gets even better than that. What might be a slang word in London, England, might not be a slang word in Liverpool, England! How cool is that?

So let's get to the task at hand, shall we? And it's a fun one, that's for sure. We've found slang phrases from around the world and we want to see just how much you can work out what they actually mean. Make sure you read them carefully, as sometimes their names could be a clue. If you aren't sure, make use of one of our clues! Good luck!

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In South Africa, what does the slang term "kiff" mean?
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Do you know what the Indonesian slang term "BT" or "bete" means?
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In Malawi, the slang term "BT" refers to which city?
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From the options below, what do you think a "clope" is slang for in Paris, France?
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When you are a little hot under the collar in Rome, someone might tell you to "scialla." What does that mean?
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While in Australia, you might get offered a "snag" for lunch. What do you think it is?
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When on a 5-minute "fika" in Sweden, what are Swedish people doing?
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Someone going to "get the messages" in Ireland is going to do what?
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A Spanish person asking for "pasta" in Madrid is _______
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Do you know what the South African slang term "howzit" means?
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In England, what does the slang term "argy-bargy" mean?
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Someone Poland wanting to "paw" is going to do what?
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Can you tell us what a slang word for an Octopus is in Japan?
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"Peng" is a term used in the United Kingdom to describe something that is ________?
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When in the United States, hearing the word "podunk" to describe a town means it is what?
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"You little ripper" is an Australian slang phrase meaning what exactly?
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In the 1980s, if someone in South Africa told you "bowl me the ages," what would they expect from you?
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If someone in the United Kingdom says they "honked" what did they do?
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When invited to "have a gargle" in Ireland, you will be _______?
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In London, the cockney rhyming slang for "brown bread" means someone is what?
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Spending a night in the "idiot box" in the United Kingdom means keeping ________ company?
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What does the Australian term, "no drama" mean?
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In the United Kingdom, who are the "fuzz"?
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What animal would be called a "mozzie" in Australia?
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Someone suffering from a "babbelas" in South Africa has a ______?
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From the options below, what does the slang term "gaffer" mean in the United Kingdom?
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New Orleans residents often wrench their vegetables. What does that mean?
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In England, what would be a person's "ivories"?
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In Sweden, what does the term "ursäkta" mean?
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"Thongs" in Australia are a slang term for what?
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“Ganbatte" is a Japanese slang term of encouragement meaning which of these below?
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In the city of Boston in the United States, someone refered to as a "chowdahead" would be said to be ______
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Australians in the Outback love their bush tucker. What is it?
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If someone says they going to "bliksem" you in South Africa, what are they going to do?
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