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Skincare has been a hot topic for decades, with men and women wondering what will get rid of pimples and acne, smooth out texture, lessen wrinkles and fine lines, and more. Many people are looking for a miracle in a jar, and many skincare and beauty companies claim to offer just that! Brands of all prices, from affordable drugstore skincare to luxury brands that make face creams that cost more than some people's rent, all claim to create the perfect products for every skin concern. Do you know how to tell which are telling the truth?

DIY and at home skin care tips, tricks, and hacks have also taken the internet by storm. There are decades worth of wacky tips out there. From people whipping up delicious facemasks out of kitchen staples to internet beauty personalities suggesting people put cayenne pepper under their eyes, there is a lot of information, misinformation, and pure wacky clickbait out there to sort through. It all can make it difficult to really figure out what is good for your skin and what is not. 

If you are a skincare lover, put your knowledge to the test with this quiz that goes more than skin deep.

Are sulfates good or bad for your skin and hair?

If you see sulfates as an ingredient in a beauty product, don't buy it. Sulfates are harsh and strip your hair and skin.


Is massaging in your moisturizer good for your skin?

When you apply moisturizer, don't be afraid to give yourself a little massage. It works in the product and will improve the circulation of your face.


Do people with oily skin need to moisturize?

Whether your skin is oily or dry, moisturizing is key. If you have oily skin and you over strip it without providing moisture, it will only get oilier.


If you see alcohol as a top ingredient in a skincare product, should you purchase it?

On a chemical level, the alcohols in skincare are very different from the alcohol in martinis. Alcohols like ethanol dry out your skin and wear down its barrier over time, but plant derived fatty alcohols like Cetearyl alcohol will plump your skin by helping to keep moisture in.


Which kind of exfoliants should you avoid most?

Physical exfoliators have little beads, sharp pieces, or grit in them. While very common, these sharper pieces can create micro-tears in your skin which will damage it over time.


Retinol is an anti-aging ingredient. The more retinol the better, right?

Many more powerful and expensive skin care ingredients, like retinol, should be used sparingly. Otherwise, they can dry out and damage your skin.


Is it ok to sleep with makeup on?

Sleeping with makeup on can clog your pores and cause acne. If you do it regularly, it can even age you prematurely.


Should you pop pimples?

Not only does popping pimples hurt, but it can damage your skin. It can push bacteria deeper, which causes more breakouts, and even result in scars.


Which kind of water is best for your skin?

Exposing skin to hot water for long periods of time can dry it out and lead to premature aging. Cold water can help to ease inflammation and shrink pores.


Can wearing dirty sunglasses irritate your skin?

If you wear the same pair of sunglasses day in and day out but never clean them, you might be causing breakouts. The bacteria that builds up on your sunglasses over time is not good for your skin.


Even the most extensive skin care routine in the world won't do much for you if you don't:

Hydration is extremely important for healthy skin, and your health in general. You skin is, after all, your largest organ.


When you do skincare, what should you focus on?

Your skincare should not stop at your jawline. The skin on your hands and neck ages the most quickly and also needs some TLC.


Is sugar good or bad for your skin when eaten?

Sugar has negative effects on the collagen in your skin. This can contribute to premature aging.


Who needs to use sunscreen every day?

SPF is a must for everyone, regardless of their skin tone or the season. Sun exposure causes skin damage and cancer.


After cleansing, which products should you apply first?

Applying products in the wrong order can lessen their effectiveness. Put on thinner products before thicker ones and water-based products before oil-based ones.


Is sleeping with your hair loose good or bad for your skin?

Get your hair off your face before you go to sleep, especially if you have bangs. The extra oils in your hair can lead to breakouts.


Is using a lot of products good for your skin?

Just because your skincare routine is 10 steps long, it doesn't necessarily mean you are taking care of your skin. Products must have good ingredients and compliment each other.


Are more expensive products always better for your skin?

While expensive products are often made with higher quality or more prestige ingredients and fewer fillers, this is not always the case. Also, if a product contains an ingredient that does not agree with your skin, the price of it won't matter at all.


Is vitamin C good for your skin?

Vitamin C is great for your skin when ingested and applied topically in treatments, serums, and creams. It also has numerous other health benefits.


Which of these drinks is best for your skin?

Coffee and alcohol can actually dehydrate your skin. Green tea has numerous health benefits and is even a popular topical skin care ingredient.


Is eating greens good for your skin?

Greens are packed with antioxidants. They can help keep your complexion clear.


Which diet is known for being good for the skin?

A Mediterranean diet is full of fish, olive oil, and vegetables. These foods are full of healthy omega fats that help skin really glow.


Which of these is good to both eat and apply to your skin?

All of these contain either vitamins, acids, or antibacterial properties that benefit the skin when applied. They are also popular food items.


Can sleeping in one position give you wrinkles?

If you only sleep in one position night after night, you may be causing your face to wrinkle over time. Try to switch up your sleeping positions.


Is hyaluronic acid good for your skin?

Hyaluronic acid is a popular skin care ingredient for a reason. It helps to keep skin plump and hydrated.


Is fragrance in products good or bad for your skin?

Those with sensitive skin should be especially wary of unnatural fragrances. Scents often come from harmful chemical blends and not natural sources in products, which means that they aren't great for anyone, however.


If you see different types of acids in a skincare product, should you purchase it?

Acids in skincare are very different from the corrosive and dangerous kinds most people think of. Glycolic acid, for example, is a powerful chemical exfoliator that will help your skin glow.


The more lotion the better, right?

While everyone needs to use lotion regardless of skin type, piling it on unnecessarily can clog your pores. It can also lead to milia, or tiny white bumps on your face.


Just because a product works for someone else, does that mean it will work for you?

Everyone's skin is so different that something working well for someone else does not automatically mean that it will work for you. While taking recommendations from experts or people you trust can be helpful, don't take it personally if it takes some experimentation to find what works for your unique skin.


Is exfoliating every day good or bad for most people's skin?

Everyone has a different skin type, but for most people exfoliating daily will strip their skin. This makes it dry and vulnerable to damage.


Do you need to apply SPF to your lips?

Your lips lack the melanin the rest of your body does, meaning that they don't have the same natural sun protection abilities. A lip balm with SPF is a must.


Are peptides a skincare don't or a skincare must?

Peptides are great for skin health. They are especially good at helping to lessen under eye darkness.


Is tanning bad for your skin?

While tanning naturally outside while you wear SPF is not great, tanning beds are horrible for your skin. Sun damage is one of the leading causes of premature aging and skin cancer.


Who should use facial oils?

While everyone's skin is different, most people could benefit from the use of a facial oil. This, however, depends on the type of oil and the quality of it.


Is it possible to over wash your face?

Unless you run multiple marathons a day, washing your face more than twice will strip it and cause it to produce excess oil. Some experts even recommend that people with dry skin only wash their faces at night.


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