Quiz: Do You Know What's Good For Your Truck and What's Not?
Do You Know What's Good For Your Truck and What's Not?
By: Justin Cupler
Image: LeoPatrizi / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Pickup trucks have a long-running history in the U.S. that began around the time of World War I. Henry Ford, legendary founder of Ford Motor Company, took a liking to the truck-style vehicles the military used in WWI and thought they may be useful in the civilian world. Though Ford began designing pickups first, Chevrolet beat it to the production punch with the 1918 release of the Model 490. The Chevy Model 490 was a frame-only pickup that buyers customized to their liking with different bed and cab designs, but it was still technically the first-ever production pickup. 

Since then, the pickup truck has exploded into popular culture in the U.S. thanks to their incredible versatility. Of course they still haul payload and tow trailers better than any sedan or SUV, but they provide great daily transportation in the process. Modern-day pickups have even seen themselves turn into near-luxury vehicles, with most major pickup truck manufacturers offering a few models with loads of premium features. 

Despite their popularity, there are plenty of misconceptions on how to care for these useful machines. Do you know what's good for your truck and what's not good for it? Take this quiz to find out how much you really know. 

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When should you inspect your truck’s brake pads and rotors?
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