Quiz: Do You Know Where This Gun Is Made?
Do You Know Where This Gun Is Made?
By: John Miller
Image: pexels

About This Quiz

In the earliest days of firearms manufacturing, guns were all made by hand, often with a lack of precision. As the standardization of mass manufacturing became more common, more and more companies began hitching their success (or failure) to the quality of their firearms. In some instances, those manufacturers became fabulously profitable, linked strongly to their countries of origin. If we name a famous gun, do you think you can match it to the country it came from?

Some call it the “Peacemaker,” but the official name of this gun was the Single Action Army. It was made by a little company called Colt. And Colt, of course, is inextricably linked to the American Old West. Samuel Colt was the first person to start the mass production of revolvers, and his sidearms eventually became icons of the age. What other famous guns do you recall? And do you really think you know where they came from?

We bet you’ve heard of a weapon called the “Tommy gun.” It’s a nickname for the Thompson submachine gun, yet another product that was made by American companies for U.S. troops. During the Second World War, everyone knew just how deadly G.I.s could be when they deployed with these high-speed powerhouses. They also knew that American manufacturers were making a plethora of other guns meant specifically to disarm the Axis and its minions.

Take a shot at this famous gun quiz now! We’ll see if you really know where these famous firearms came from, or whether you’re such a bad aim that you couldn’t hit the side of a barn!

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