Quiz: Do You Know Which Countries These Celebrities Were Born In?
Do You Know Which Countries These Celebrities Were Born In?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: youtube

About This Quiz

Think you know everything about your favorite celebrities? Let's see if you do.

Part of what gets people far in showbiz is their ability to change and adapt to a variety of different roles, genres and maybe even kinds of performance. This can make knowing the origins of a celebrity difficult. From new looks to all the accents some can even flawlessly adopt, it can be almost impossible at times to know who comes from where.

From career chameleons to those who keep their personal life tightly under wraps, you might not know some of the industry's best as well as you think you do. Many celebrities have changed their names entirely or are famous for faking accents, posing a definite puzzle for those who want to know.

Hollywood is full of secret Canadians and Australians with flawless American accents, but also talent from around the globe. People from around the country and world come to Los Angeles and New York City to pursue their entertainment industry dreams. Models, actors, musicians, comedians, artists and more travel thousands and thousands of miles for the chance to strike it big. If you think you have a handle on Hollywood celebrities, put your knowledge to the test with this quiz!

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