Quiz: Do You Know Which Team These Famous NBA Duos Played For?
Do You Know Which Team These Famous NBA Duos Played For?
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

Many people consider basketball as a team sport with rosters of "ball hogs" or single-player stars. But throughout the history of the game, there have been stunning duos that played decades together and not only build their stats but highlight and assist their teammates. While there have been some special players in the history of the NBA, these duos were remarkable in how well they could read each other, their accolades and how quickly they could turn a game.

So, you consider yourself the most significant NBA fan in the history of the game? Well, now it's time to take a shot at the one-two punch of great NBA duos. From Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen to Karl Malone and John Stockton, these are the players that turned teams into dynasties. 

Bird and Russel or Robertson and Jabar, you know the names, but do you know their teams? These players may have come up through the ranks of college basketball together, or they may introduce the combined talents of experience and natural ability, like the aging Motumbo and the youngster Carmello Anthony. 

Test your NBA knowledge to its limits and drive the lane on this quiz by trying to figure out which team these famous basketball duos played for!

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