Quiz: Do You Know Which of These Important Events Was First?
Do You Know Which of These Important Events Was First?
By: John Miller
Image: youtube

About This Quiz

Anyone who went to school can quickly fire off some of the most important events in world history. The American Revolution. The Declaration of Independence. The Battle of Saratoga. But do you understand which of those events came first?

Being able to place the events in the correct chronological order helps you to understand the interconnectedness of world events. Misunderstanding them, however, might leave you as one of those people who thinks that the 9/11 attacks were what started World War II and that Abraham Lincoln was one of the fiery instigators of the Boston Tea Party. And you know, who's to say he wasn’t?

Recorded history is full of moments that shifted the paths of our politics and the fates of entire nations. For example, America was happy to sit on its hands during World War II … until the Japanese decided to bomb Pearl Harbor. Or did the Battle of the Bulge come first? Honestly, now we're getting confused.

Do you know when Custer had his famous last stand? Was it before or after the Titanic sank? And was the Panama Canal already open when the world saw the its first parachute demonstration

From politics to technology to war, let’s see if you have what it takes to place critical moments in human history. Here’s your first hint – 9/11 totally did not start WWII.

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