Quiz: Do You Know Which US City Has the Higher Rent?
Do You Know Which US City Has the Higher Rent?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: John Lund/Tom Penpark/ Blend Images/gettyimages

About This Quiz

One thing that's true about city living is that generally speaking, there are a lot more jobs to go around. In rural areas, if an employer leaves the area, that's pretty devastating, and in some small towns, the loss of a single factory or headquarters can completely crush employment figures in the entire area. It's not just about 10,000 jobs actually building whatever is made at the plant; it's about the administrators, cleaners, management, and others. It's also about all the jobs created by the money those people spend in restaurants, stores and on household upkeep.

In cities, this dynamic is far less common; instead of depending on one company, an entire industry has to see a major downturn before the employment opportunities within it dry up. Trade wars, recessions and reduced growth can hit cities, but they're far more flexible. That means it's not generally hard to find some sort of employment. The problem is, what sort? Most jobs simply don't pay on levels that keep pace with the rising price of living; in no major city can a person on minimum wage rent a normal 2-bedroom apartment (which they could 50 years ago). Indeed, income inequality in cities is some of the most extreme on the planet, and there are areas where even households on $117,000 a year are well below median and can't get mortgages.

That means nearly everyone rents - but even then, some cities enjoy much more reasonable rates than others, even accounting for higher salaries and greater opportunities. Do you know which ones they are? If so, you'll ace this quiz! (If you don't, you'll probably flunk the quiz, but oh boy, do you need the answers in it!)

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