Quiz: Do You Know Who's Who in the New Testament?
Do You Know Who's Who in the New Testament?
By: Torrance Grey
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About This Quiz

Compared to the Old Testament, the New Testament contains a lot of non-narrative material; that is, teachings and philosophy. Much of the New Testament is letters from the Apostles to church leaders and fellow evangelists, clarifying points of theology and writing about how best to follow the example of Christ. Where, then, do you find colorful characters?

Answer: In the gospels and the following book, the Acts of the Apostles. Here we meet Jesus's twelve disciples, including the one who will betray him to the authorities. We'll meet authority figures who were threatened by Jesus's message, both native Judean and Roman, and also humble, scorned people who took Jesus's message to heart. The gospels are full of kings, scholars, lepers, thieves, soldiers and more. Acts opens up an even bigger cast of characters. As the apostles began to travel the known world, to spread the message of Jesus, they met allies in unexpected places (like Gentile communities) and made enemies of the powerful, especially in Rome. 

We're not even going to talk about the book of Revelation, which contains some of the New Testament's most mind-blowingly memorable characters -- though usually not by name. Think of "the Beast" or "the woman clothed with the sun" and you'll get what we mean. 

Are you ready to test your knowledge of the characters of the New Testament? Let's make your Sunday School teacher proud!

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