Do You Know Your Color Code Personality?

Talin Vartanian

How do you feel when you see the shimmering sparkles of the ocean?

Skittles are a popular sweet treat, but which flavor reigns supreme?

Which villain do you transform into when you feel angry?

Is your soul more pure and innocent, or evil and dark?

Complex problems can be tricky to solve by yourself. Who do you tend to turn to for some help?

Do you approach challenges in a pessimistic or an enthusiastic manner?

Everyone needs a leader in life, but the real question is ... are you the leader?

Is it better to persuade someone with a lie or with the truth?

Do you rely on intellect, intuition or creativity to help you get through life?

What is something that you would not try at least once?

Which of these moral values do you hold dear to your heart?

If you could master one of these school subjects, which one would you choose?

Let's say you wanted to write a poem for a special someone. What type of poem would you write?

What is the best way to win at a board game?

Do you think in words, numbers, images or something else?

You can tame one of these mythological creatures to be your companion. Which do you choose?

Which of these activities connects the best with the word "experiment?"

Which of the following is worse: to be very late to an interview or not show up at all?

If you felt no fear in life, would that make you a better person?

Is it more efficient to work alone, in a small group or in a large group?

How do you feel when you receive constructive criticism about your work?

If fear looked like a monster, which of the following would represent it?

How long could you handle being super famous for?

Is it better to inspire people through movies, music, art or scientific contributions?

Would you eat the world's hottest pepper for $10,000?

What does a hero or a heroine look like to you?

What lights the spark for an imaginative mind?

Which of these symbols represents the concept of vulnerability to you?

Do you believe that life has a purpose to it?

What is the best intangible gift that you can give to someone?

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About This Quiz

HTML color codes comes in 140 varieties, and are used to display various browser colors through HTML and/or CSS codes. For example, a salmon color would have the hex code of #FA8072, while a black color would be #000000. Each of these hex color codes also equates to an RGB color code (which is an acronym for red, green, blue). RGB codes consists of three numbers that correspond to specific shades of red, green and blue colors. When these colors combine, they make up a specific shade of a color that we see.

Here's an example: a teal color would have the hex code of #008080. The RGB value of this is (0,128,128). This means that there are no red shades in the color teal, but there is an even mix of specific green and blue shades. If we take a look back at the color code for black, which is #000000, we can observe that the RGB code is (0,0,0). This means that there are no red, green or blue color shades in black. But what does all of this have to do with your personality? In a nutshell, these color codes correspond to a specific shade of color, which means we're about to find out what color your personality is!

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