Quiz: Do you know your Disney Spirit Animal?
Do you know your Disney Spirit Animal?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Movie DB

About This Quiz

You might think you know which animal qualifies as your spirit animal, but have you ever considered what your Disney spirit animal might be? When you picture an animated, talking animal living deep within your psyche, which one comes to mind? Share your Disney preferences and all your love for animals during this quiz, and we will reveal a Disney spirit animal to call your very own.

Do you think that you spirit animal swims, or does it purr? Finding out what your Disney spirit animal is will not only impress your friends, but it will also make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. It's a rare treat that many animal lovers never get to experience! It's kind of a given that your spirit animal will be adorable, but which one do you really share your personality traits with? Our colorful quiz will give you the insight you need to find out!

Take the dog for a walk, and make sure the cat is fed. Playing a Disney soundtrack it optional, but it is suggested for the most accurate results. It will, as they say, put you in the mood. Prepare to meet your Disney spirit animal. Long may you live together! 

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