Quiz: Do You Know Your US Marine Corps Jargon?
Do You Know Your US Marine Corps Jargon?
By: John Miller
Image: Armed Forces Archives

About This Quiz

The United States military is notorious for its overuse of esoteric jargon and acronyms, and the Marine Corps is no exception. These men and women use so many unofficial terms that civilians often have no idea what they’re talking about. In this quiz, do you think you really understand Marine slang?

In the military, slang is often a sneaky way to be derisive without being directly insulting. It’s also frequently deployed as shorthand, a fast way to communicate ideas without having to explain concepts over and over again. Everyone in the Marines knows that an SRB is a Service Record book, a detailed account of a Marine’s actions and performance during an enlistment period. 

And SNM is “said named Marine,” a way to refer to the same Marine in an official document without having to spell out his or her name repeatedly. Do you think you can identify other common Marine acronyms?

Not all Marine slang is official. Many terms – some of which are too vulgar to repeat in this quiz – are phrases that these men and women use in casual conversation. “Shellbacks” are those Marines who have crossed the equator during their journeys. And of course, “over the hill” Marines are the graying Marines who have spent much of their lives in the service. Do you remember other slang terms that you’ve heard Marines use?

OK, “Mustangs,” let’s find out if you’re a real leatherneck or if you need to go back to the Army. Take this Marine slang quiz now!

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