Quiz: Do You Really Know the Rules of Wedding Etiquette?
Do You Really Know the Rules of Wedding Etiquette?
By: John Miller
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About This Quiz

Remember that wedding you went to years ago, when a horde of demonic spirits disguised as human children screamed through the ceremony. Then at the reception, they overturned the cake table and tripped the bride on the dance floor? Ah, those were the good old days, before basic human decency had to go and ruin the fun times of weddings and subsequent ceremonies. All kidding aside, in this quiz, do you think you can really identify proper wedding etiquette?

Wedding are an elaborate social display that begins with an engagement. From there, many people have a sense of how planning and execution of the ceremonial events should transpire. That means the couple – and their friends and families – are expected to adhere to certain manners and procedures, too. Do you really think you’re polite enough to survive the rigors of these tough wedding questions?

Every family is different. But there are some rules you just can’t break, lest you look like an ingrate and bring down the wrath of the bride on your head. If you’re a bridesmaid, for example, you probably shouldn’t skip the dress that the bride chose and opt instead for a little black dress, unless, of course, you didn’t want any part of the wedding (or her friendship) to begin with.

And if you’re a guest, it’s best to actually read the invitation instead of throwing the whole thing into the trash along with a pile of junk mail. Otherwise, you’ll undoubtedly bring about karma of the worst kind.

Pull up that garter and toss the bouquet! Take this nearly impossible wedding etiquette quiz now!

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