Quiz: Do You Remember Cats the Musical?
Do You Remember Cats the Musical?
By: Anette
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About This Quiz

Memories! This famous musical captured the hearts and minds of people across the world. But how much do you remember about those dancing cats? In this quiz, we'll test your knowledge of all things "Cats." So put on your dancing shoes and straighten your whiskers - things are about​ to get musical.

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Who wrote the music for "Cats"?
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What year did "Cats" debut in New York?
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How much did "Cats" contribute to the New York City economy?
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Did Barbra Streisand record "Memory"?
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How was "Cats" received by critics?
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"It was better than 'Cats'!" was a famous quote from where?
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Who sings the famous song "Memory"?
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What is the musical based on?
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Who was the show's original director?
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Who is the Glamour Cat?
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Who was originally going to play Grizabella, until she was injured?
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How many countries has "Cats" been to?
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"Cats" premiered where?
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When it opened in New York, the musical closed _____ later.
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Who wrote the lyrics for "Memory"?
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Where is the musical set?
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Who is the leader of the cats?
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What is the name of the special place in "Cats"?
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What is the hardest dance in "Cats"?
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How many roles are there in "Cats"?
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How long did "Cats" run on the West End?
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Was "Cats" ever sued by an audience member?
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The recent West End revival included which of these?
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T.S. Elliot won which of these posthumously?
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How many languages has "Cats" been translated into?
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What happened to the Broadway theater "Cats" was to perform in?
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What song do we hear right before intermission?
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What kind of hair did the original Broadway production use?
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When does the Jellicle Ball take place?
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At the beginning of the musical, Grizabella is what?
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What is true about the Heaviside Layer?
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Which of these is a famous Grizabella?
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