Do you remember the 1967 movie "Bonnie and Clyde?"


What did Bonnie see Clyde doing outside of her house?

Bonnie saw Clyde trying to steal her mother's car. She called out to him and told him to stay there, then went to speak with him outside.

What did Clyde say that he went to jail for?

Clyde told Bonnie he went to jail for armed robbery. She didn't seem surprised, after she had caught him trying to steal her mother's car!

What did Clyde say that he did to get out of work while in jail?

Clyde told Bonnie that while he was in prison, he had cut off two of his toes to get out of work. Although she told him she didn't want to see it, Bonnie couldn't help but wonder if he really did!

What did Clyde do to prove to Bonnie that he had been in prison for armed robbery?

Clyde robbed a grocery store to prove himself to Bonnie, who was skeptical about who he said he was. After the robbery, she was quite convinced!

Where did Bonnie work when she met Clyde?

Bonnie worked in a restaurant when she met Clyde. Clyde saw that she hated her job and that she wanted something more.

What did Clyde teach Bonnie to do after they left the restaurant?

Clyde taught Bonnie how to use a gun. He showed her how it was done, then handed another gun to her so she could give it a try.

Who showed up at the house in which Bonnie and Clyde spent the night?

The previous owner and his family showed up at the house in which Bonnie and Clyde stayed. The bank had taken the home from the family, and Clyde allowed them to use his gun to take shots at the house.

When Bonnie and Clyde tried to rob their first bank together, what did the man inside tell Clyde?

When Bonnie and Clyde tried to rob their first bank together the man inside told Clyde that the bank failed, and there was no money there. Bonnie thought the situation was hilarious!

What did the man at the grocery store that Clyde attempted to rob try to do?

The man at the grocery store tried to kill Clyde. He fought Clyde until he and Bonnie fled the scene in a car that Bonnie drove.

Who did Bonnie and Clyde recruit when they stopped to get their stolen car fixed?

Bonnie and Clyde recruited a mechanic. He gave them all the money from the register and hopped in the back to travel with them.

What did C.W. do with the car while Bonnie and Clyde were completing their first bank robbery?

C.W. had parked the car down the street from the bank where Bonnie and Clyde were completing their first robbery. Bonnie and Clyde were in a rush to get out of there quickly, and were almost caught.

After killing someone, what did Clyde ask Bonnie?

After killing a man, Clyde asked Bonnie if she wanted to go back home. He said that he cared about her, and figured this would be her best chance of not being caught by the police.

Who came to visit Clyde after he committed his first murder?

Clyde's older brother, Buck, came to visit him, along with his wife, Blanche. They all took pictures together, even though Blanche didn't want one taken of her.

Where did Clyde plan to go after Buck arrived?

Clyde planned on going to Missouri after Buck arrived. It was a safe place for him and he planned to take a vacation there.

Who rode along with Clyde on the way to Missouri?

Buck rode along with Clyde on the way to Missouri. The two were having a great time catching up, but in the car behind, Bonnie and Blanche wouldn't even speak to each other.

Who showed up at the house in Missouri while Bonnie was reading a story to everyone?

The police showed up at the house as Bonnie was reading to everyone. Clyde spotted them driving into the yard and everyone started firing at them.

What did Blanche do during the shootout with the police?

Blanche ran away screaming during the shootout. The group was able to pick her up on the side of the road after they escaped from the house.

What did Buck read about in the paper after fleeing from the police in Missouri?

Buck read about Bonnie and Clyde in the paper. It also called the group "The Barrow Gang." It was reporting on their shootout with the police in Missouri.

What did the Barrow Gang do after encountering Sheriff Hamer?

The Barrow Gang held Sheriff Hamer hostage after he tried to take them by surprise on a road by a lake. Although the others didn't know he was there, Clyde was ready for him.

What did Bonnie suggest they do after they captured Sheriff Hamer?

Bonnie suggested they take a picture with Sheriff Hamer. She said they should send it to the newspapers to show everyone that they were friendly people.

What did Sheriff Hamer do after Bonnie kissed him?

Sheriff Hamer spat on Bonnie after she kissed him for the picture. Clyde wasn't very happy about it and put the Sheriff in a boat, then pushed it out onto the water.

To where did the Barrow Gang head after the incident with the sheriff?

The Barrow Gang headed to Oklahoma after the incident with the Sheriff. Of course, they couldn't leave before robbing another bank!

What did Blanche ask for after robbing the bank?

Blanche asked for her share of the money after robbing the bank. Bonnie was pretty upset that Blanche asked for money, saying that Blanche didn't really take part in the robbery.

What did Eugene and Velma do after the Barrow Gang stole Eugene's car?

Eugene and Velma followed the Barrow Gang after they saw them steal Eugene's car. They eventually decided to turn around, but the Barrow Gang followed them.

What did the Barrow Gang do with Eugene and Velma after they stopped them on the road?

The Barrow Gang made Eugene and Velma get into the car with them. They asked the two about themselves, and even asked if they wanted to join the gang.

What did Eugene say that he did for a living?

Eugene said he was an undertaker. Bonnie wasn't very impressed, and had Clyde stop the car to leave Eugene and Velma stranded.

Who did Bonnie want to visit after being away for so long?

Bonnie wanted to visit her mother. She ran away from the Barrow Gang until Clyde found her running through a field.

What did the man in the restaurant spot on C.W.?

A man in the restaurant spotted a gun on C.W. He called the sheriff right away, after C.W. and Blanche left the restaurant.

Who was injured after police raided the house in which the gang was staying in Oklahoma?

Buck was injured when the police raided the gang's house in Oklahoma. They got him in the car and drove him away as quickly as they could, but his injury was pretty bad.

What happened to Blanche when Buck was dying after the police raid?

After the police killed Buck Blanche was arrested. Bonnie, Clyde and C.W. were, once again, able to get away.

What did Clyde steal after an officer shot Bonnie?

Clyde stole a car. They were crossing a river and managed to make it over to the other side where there was a house.

Where did C.W. take Bonnie and Clyde after Bonnie was shot?

C.W. took Bonnie and Clyde to his father's house after they were shot. His father was willing to help, but he was pretty upset about C.W.'s tattoo.

What information did Blanche give Sheriff Hamer?

Blanche gave Sheriff Hamer C.W.'s name. Until then, his identity was not known, and he was known simply as "an unidentified suspect."

What did Bonnie write in the back of a car?

Bonnie wrote a poem. She wrote about herself and Clyde, and then had it published in the newspaper for the world to read.

Who pulled up beside Clyde while he was waiting for Bonnie to get C.W.?

The police pulled up beside Clyde while he was parked at the store, waiting for Bonnie to get C.W. He was able to get Bonnie and get away, but C.W. stayed behind.

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