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The Soviets are coming. The Germans mount one last stand. And deep underground, a twisted mastermind faces his grim fate. How much do you know about the movie "Downfall"?

"Downfall" is a 2004 film that takes place during which major conflict?

"Downfall" is a movie that follows an unforgettable sequence of events during World War II. It takes place in Europe in 1945.


The movie tells a story about which famous person?

The film is all about the "downfall" of Nazi ruler Adolf Hitler. In 1945, Germany was certain to lose the war. It was a just a matter of time before Hitler and his cronies were brought to justice.


This movie leans heavily on which language?

This isn't a Hollywood production. It's a foreign language film (mostly German) directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel.


The move starts with a real-life interview with which person?

"Downfall" begins with Traudl Junge, Hitler's former secretary. In the clip, she expresses regret that she was a part of the Nazi regime.


The story begins in 1942, as Hitler chooses Traudl Junge to be his secretary. Then the story flashes forward to what event?

After Junge becomes Hitler's secretary, the story flashes forward to the Battle of Berlin in 1945. The war is now almost over and the people in Hitler's inner circle must begin making hard choices for the Third Reich and for their own families.


In the Battle of Berlin, which army is closing in on Berlin … and Hitler's hideout?

After years of suffering from Nazi aggression, the Soviets are on a roll. They are bombing the life out of Berlin, determined to end the Third Reich and serve up revenge on Hitler.


Many of the first scenes take place on April 20, 1945. What special day is this?

The first scenes take place on April 20, which is Hitler's birthday. Safe in a deep bombproof bunker, the Nazi leaders have a celebration for their dear beady-eyed dictator.


One of Hitler's closest men, Heinrich Himmler, pleads with Hitler to do what?

Heinrich Himmler wants Hitler to survive the Battle of Berlin. He tries to convince Adolf to leave the city. But Hitler is stubborn. He plans to ride out the storm in his bunker.


The movie is based on what, exactly?

"Downfall" is based on historical writings and interviews. Some aspects are dramatized, but many of the fateful events are very much true to life.


Juliane Köhler plays the part of Eva Braun. Who is Eva?

Eva is Hitler's fiancee. She is transfixed by her cuddly (and angry) little man, not fully understanding the fate that awaits the Third Reich and its evil leaders.


Heinrich Himmler wants Hitler to leave Berlin. In the meantime, what is he doing without Hitler's knowledge?

Heinrich Himmler knows that the Third Reich -- and its dear Fuhrer -- are in grave peril. He secretly negotiates with the Allies in hopes of concocting a surrender.


During the movie, Hitler initiates Operation Clausewitz, which was essentially what?

Operation Clausewitz is basically a desperate last stand against the Soviets. Hitler wants every man, woman and child fighting to the death for the Reich.


What is one major aspect of Operation Clausewitz?

Operation Clausewitz is meant in part to evacuate certain critical Nazi party members, including many military officers who are holed up in Berlin. Not all of them will make it out alive.


During the Battle of Berlin, Hitler orders one general, Felix Steiner, to mount a large attack. Why doesn’t Steiner follow orders?

With his units obliterated by the Allies, Steiner simply has no men with which he can launch an assault. In real life, Steiner was eventually captured … and ultimately freed by the Allies.


What's the "Volkssturm"?

The Volkssturm is the Nazi militia. It calls on Germans (including the very young and old) to defend the Nazi capital to the bitter end.


During one scene, Hitler gazes fondly upon a model of Welthauptstadt Germania. What is the model?

In his bunker, Hitler has a small-scale model of Welthauptstadt Germania. It's an ambitious plan to rebuild Berlin into a glorious tribute to the Third Reich. Meanwhile, Soviet bombs come ever closer to Hitler's doomed hideout.


As the Soviets close in, Hitler's men desperately plead with him to leave Berlin. What does he say?

By 1945, Hitler's become a completely delusional maniac. He has no intentions of leaving Berlin, saying that he'd rather blow his brains out than flee from the Soviets.


Hermann Fegelein is one of Hitler's closest advisors. Why does Hitler order Fegelin's execution?

Hermann Fegelein knows the end of the Reich is near. He decides to desert his post, and Hitler orders his arrest and execution.


German leader Joseph Goebbels knows that the German militia is being slaughtered by the Soviets. How does he respond?

Joseph Goebbels couldn't care less about German civilians being killed en masse for absolutely no reason. He wants them to continue their futile defense of Berlin.


"Downfall" was a critically acclaimed film … but it wasn't nominated for any Academy Awards.

The movie drew praise from all quarters. It was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film, but it lost to a Spanish film called "The Sea Inside."


Who is Peter Kranz?

Peter Kranz is part of the Hitler Youth, which is being called upon to defend Berlin. Peter's father begs him to lay down his weapon but the boy refuses to surrender.


During one scene, Hitler tells Albert Speer that he wants to destroy what, exactly?

Hitler tells Speer that he wants to implement a scorched earth policy, leaving behind nothing that might help the Allies. He wants to begin by destroying Berlin's industrial centers.


Who is "Blondi"?

Blondi is Hitler's pet dog. As part of the final proceedings, Hitler poisons Blondi and then prepares to kill himself.


What sort of dog is Blondi?

Blondi is, of course, a German Shepherd. Hitler's fiancee, Eva, loathes the furry beast and abuses Blondi whenever Hitler isn't in the room.


Ernst-Robert Grawitz, a Nazi doctor, conducted cruel experiments on prisoners. What favor does he ask of Hitler?

Ernst-Robert Grawitz committed war crimes and knows that he'll be tried for his cruelty after the war. Hitler denies his request to flee, so Grawitz returns home, kills his family and then commits suicide.


During some scenes, Hitler is noticeably shaky. Why?

He was probably really high on drugs, too, but in the movie, he's shaking because he's experiencing the onset of Parkinson's disease. Hitler exhibited signs of the affliction in 1945.


Near the end of the movie, Hitler realizes that the Nazis have lost the war. What does he do with his lover, Eva Braun?

Hitler knows the war is over. He decides to marry his lover, Eva Braun, in the bunker below the streets of Berlin. As they exchange vows, bombs pummel the city into oblivion.


Hitler marries Eva and then she swallows a poison pill. How does Hitler commit suicide?

Eva takes a cyanide pill and dies. Then Hitler shoots himself in the head, ending the life of one of the most notorious people in human history.


What happens to the bodies of Hitler and Braun?

Nazi soldiers burn the bodies, attempting (and failing) to hide the remains. It's a gory and brutal end to a gory and brutal reign.


Traudl Junge manages to escape Hitler's bunker. How does she leave Berlin?

Junge somehow survives the Red Army's assault. With Hitler dead and the war over, she rides a bicycle out of the ruined city and into the (blackened by smoke) sunset.


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