Quiz: Do You Remember the TV Show Flipper?
Do You Remember the TV Show Flipper?
By: John Miller
Image: NBC

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In the 1960s, a certain sleek ocean animal took the TV ratings by storm. It was "Flipper," a series about a bottlenose dolphin that finds danger and adventure all over the sea. How much do you remember about "Flipper"?

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In "Flipper," who is the star of the show?
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In the show, where do the episodes take place?
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Who is the owner of Flipper the dolphin?
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Porter Ricks is the man in charge of the preserve. He also has two ____.
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What is special about the dolphin named Flipper?
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If you are hooked on the "Flipper" concept, where should you go to see dolphins?
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In an episode called "City Boy," a reckless city kid talks Sandy into which dangerous activity?
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Which member of the family is particularly close to Flipper?
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The TV show "Flipper" is based on which work of art?
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True or false, in real life, was Flipper actually a female dolphin?
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Porter Ricks is portrayed as a single father. What happened to his wife?
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Pete is another animal that has a recurring role in the show. What sort of creature is Pete?
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In "Deep Waters," what happens to Porter and Ulla?
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In the very first episode, a man is badly mauled by a shark. He needs a blood transfusion, but what happens to the blood?
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In the second episode, Bud sees a car on the sea floor. What makes the situation even more ominous?
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Hap Gorman makes numerous appearances. What sort of role does he fill?
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In "Air Power," the Ricks family buys an air boat. But what happens to Flipper?
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Ulla Norstrand is a beautiful blonde oceanographer. What role does she fill during the show?
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When Flipper needs help saving someone, how does he get the attention of potential rescuers?
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In "Money to Blow," Flipper brings a bunch of money to Bud. But what problem arises?
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In "The White Dolphin," what rare thing does Flipper find?
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In "SOS Dolphin," a fish scientist has an accident. What happens?
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In "Dolphin in Pursuit," the boys and their father go camping on an island. But who else is on the island?
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What danger lurks for Flipper in "Dolphin for Sale"?
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In "Flipper's Bank Account," what does Flipper find in the sea?
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What happens to Flipper in "Flipper's Odyssey"?
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In "The Day of the Shark," the marine preserve is overrun with _____.
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At the end of the series, Bud and Sandy were written out of the storyline. Why?
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