Do you remember the Wonder Woman TV show?


Which of Charlie's Angels auditioned to be Wonder Woman?

It's true! Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson all auditioned to be Wonder Woman.

Did Lynda Carter audition for the first "Wonder Woman" TV movie?

She actually didn't get the part! What were they thinking?

What is Wonder Woman's real name?

It's a powerful name for a powerful woman. When we think Diana, we think goddess.

What was the "Wonder Woman" spinoff that never happened?

Wonder Girl was to be played by Debra Winger. She turned it down, because that's what serious actresses do.

In the show, how does Diana Prince transform into Wonder Woman?

The spinning was a way for the woman to transform into the fighting goddess. It was used in the original pilot.

Lynda Carter was the former Miss . . . ?

Before being Wonder Woman, she was Miss World USA! Talk about all-American!

Which Oscar-nominated actress played the Queen Mother?

They all played the Queen Mother, and they were all Oscar-nominated actresses!

When "Wonder Woman" moved from ABC to CBS, what happened?

The show jumped ahead 30 years from World War II. It jumped stations at the same time!

What was the name of the pilot movie for the television series?

In the pilot movie, Steve Trevor lands on Paradise Island and meets the Amazons.

What is the name of Diana's (Wonder Woman's) mother?

Her mother is the voice of reason, and Diana goes back to visit her a few times.

Wonder Woman was the first female member of which society?

This later became the Justice League, just like it was in the comic books!

Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston in what year?

It makes sense when you think of all the World War II references in the story. It was created for DC comics.

How many ladies auditioned to be Wonder Woman?

Lynda Carter literally beat out 2,000 other women for the role. She certainly had some chops!

Why did Wonder Woman wear a wetsuit whenever she was in the water?

Costume designer Donfeld made her a red, white and blue bikini, but apparently, there were too many wardrobe malfunctions.

What island is Wonder Woman from?

For any man that lands on an island of all beautiful Amazon females, that's an appropriate name. That could be any guy's paradise.

What actress plays Diana's sister in the show?

She plays the sister Drusilla, but Debra Winger hardly boasts of ever being on the show.

What did the creator of Wonder Woman also invent?

Although not relevant to the TV show, this is super interesting. Lasso of Truth, anyone?

What was the use of Wonder Woman's bracelets?

They were used to deflect bullets. And they also looked super cool!

How many "Wonder Woman" TV shows have there been?

There's been only one, and that's why it's such a classic and one of the most iconic shows ever to grace television.

How does Wonder Woman get around town?

Wouldn't life be so much easier if we all had one? Her sister has one too.

Which of these Wonder Woman episodes aired on TV?

There was a Christmas episode. But alas, the famous Amazon was not Irish.

How were the flashes created from Wonder Woman's bracelets?

She would click on the device every time she deflected a bullet. That's a lot of things to do at once!

What was the attraction used in "The Phantom of the Rollercoaster" episode?

It's an actual coaster called The Revolution in California. The episode debuted in 1976.

Who played Steve Trevor?

Lyle Waggoner went on to become mayor of Encino, California. Apparently, he and Carter did not get along.

What was the last episode of "Wonder Woman?"

It aired on CBS, and that's when America bid adieu to "Wonder Woman." Gone, but not forgotten.

Today, where can you find rare Wonder Woman merchandise?

Thanks to the filming of "Phantom of the Roller Coaster," you can still find rare merchandise at Magic Mountain. Worth the trip!

Lynda Carter was the spokesperson for what brand when filming the show?

And because she was, the episode "The Velvet Touch" -- about toxic makeup -- was pulled.

How did Wonder Woman contact her mother, once her invisible plane was tossed?

Wonder Woman was able to contact the queen by rubbing the ruby and looking into a Greek mirror. This was once the show moved to CBS.

Who played the teen singing idol in "One of Our Teenage Idols Is Missing"?

Leif Garrett played the captured idol whom Wonder Woman saves.

How much money did Lynda Carter have in her bank account when she won the role?

I guess it happened at the right time. She never had only $25 in her bank account again.

Who was the robot that was cast for comic relief?

Rover came in late in the season, apparently to create some laughs. Rover would make a funny 'beep-beep' sound.

When did Superman and Wonder Woman date?

It never happened on the TV show, but finally in 2012 they got their chance.

How many episodes total were there of the show?

There were three seasons and 59 episodes. That's a lot of material for binge-watching!

How many years did the show air on TV?

The show aired from 1975 till 1979. "Wonder Woman" never reached the 80s. But she would have been welcomed if she did.

Who canceled "Wonder Woman?"

In truth, CBS never canceled the show, the network just disregarded the option to renew.

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