Quiz: Do You Remember These Famous WWE Rivalries?
Do You Remember These Famous WWE Rivalries?
By: Gavin Thagard
Image: Xander Hieken

About This Quiz

What makes a rivalry work in the WWE? Is it a strong storyline full of drama with attention to detail? Is it two great wrestlers just duking it out in the ring? What about two contrasting gimmicks that match perfectly with each other? Does that define a rivalry? 

It's hard to tell what makes a WWE rivalry work, because great rivalries are made up of so many things that mesh together into the perfect amount of tension. Sometimes, you don't even know why a rivalry is so intense, but you are captivated by the smack talk and pure hatred that two wrestlers seem to have for one another. You can't take your eyes off of them. When they are in the ring together, the audience goes wild. Every punch, every high-flying move only adds to the story, to the intensity of the rivalry. 

How well do you know the greatest WWE rivalries? Do you know how they started, or why they grew so intense? Do you know the biggest matches the rivals had and at what wrestling events they took place? Can you remember famous catchphrases that came about because of a rivalry? Here's your chance to find out. Get started with this quiz and test your knowledge on WWE rivalries! 

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