Quiz: Do You Remember What Message God Sent to these People Through Dreams in the Bible?
Do You Remember What Message God Sent to these People Through Dreams in the Bible?
By: Torrance Grey
Image: Bible Collection

About This Quiz

The Bible is full of phenomena that would strike modern people, even devout believers, as paranormal. These incidents include angelic visitations, demonic possessions and incidents such as King Saul consulting the Witch of Endor, who brings up the ghost of the prophet Samuel to counsel the king. And, of course, the Bible has a number of prophetic dreams. (We're using "prophetic" in the broad sense, meaning a message from God, not necessarily a vision of the future). While modern Christians usually look for God's guidance in subtle ways, like the wise words of a pastor or friend, God evidently was more direct in Biblical times, speaking to his followers via dreams. 

Many of these dreams occur in the book of Genesis, but they are also found in the books of Judges and Daniel. Then, in the gospels, there's a flurry of dreams sent to the adults around the young Jesus. The purpose of these dreams was to tell these people how best to protect the infant savior. But some dreams in the Bible were fairly obscure in their message. That's where interpreters come in: God gave certain individuals a gift in this area, like the patriarch Joseph, whose skill at understanding dreams was part of his unlikely success in Egypt, a land he arrived in as a slave. 

If you're a Bible whiz, you'll enjoy pitting yourself against our quiz about the dreamers, dreams and divine messages in the Bible! 

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