Do You Think More Like the Marines or the Coast Guard?

Teresa McGlothlin

During training, the Marines teach you to improvise, adapt and overcome. Which one is your best skill?

Your front door is sticking, and it's tough to open. How are you going to fix it?

Are you more likely to be found on a fishing boat or in a tree stand?

If you could have any job at the White House, which one would you want?

Your local fire department needs volunteers. Are you up for the job?

If you could drive a military vehicle to work tomorrow, which one would you choose?

Which one of these training exercises would give you the biggest problem?

Out of all your personality traits, which one makes you military material?

Which one of these fighting forces do you consider the most prestigious?

Your truck won't start. What are you going to do to diagnose the problem?

You don't want your feet to get wet during a training exercise. How do you protect them?

When you think about the Navy, which word comes to mind?

Where would you want to be stationed in the Coast Guard?

Are you more afraid of snakes, heights, failure or the clown from "It"?

Both Marines and Coast Guard members have to go through basic training. How do you think you would fare?

A zombie outbreak is coming your way. What are you going to do to keep yourself safe?

You have to eat one kind of MRE for a solid week. Which one are you going to choose?

If we asked your boss about your problem-solving abilities, what rating would you get?

What is the biggest way that you show your patriotism?

Astronaut training is not for the weak. Do you have the right stuff to try it?

You need to cross a raging river, but you're on foot. How are you going to do it?

Military service personnel must know how to make a bed with hospital corners. Do you?

Are you the type who can sleep anywhere, or do you need to be at home?

You have to go on a rescue mission in the Bering Sea. What part looks the scariest?

When you watch the nightly news, which issue concerns you the most?

Would you be a better fit for the FBI or the CIA?

If you worked at an airport, what sort of job would you have?

In your humble opinion, which one of these former U.S. presidents was most successful?

Would you rather go deep-sea diving, rock climbing or base jumping?

If you could change any of your bad habits, which one would you choose to improve?

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About This Quiz

Both the Coast Guard and the Marines know how to get things done! With all of their training and their experience, there's not a situation they cannot survive. From deep-sea rescues to keeping the peace in hostile territories, these fighting forces are always on their toes. After you show us how you think, we'll let you know which one you operate most like. 

Though the Marines keep us safe at home and abroad, our shores are kept out of harm's way by the Coast Guard. Throughout this quiz, we will ask you to respond to a few situations either a Marine or a Guardsman might find themselves in. We'll also ask you about your everyday decisions and the way you approach a tough problem. Using the answers you give us, we'll compare your thinking style to both branches. 

With 1.3 million troops actively serving and another 865,000 making up the reserves, there's a place in uniform for everyone. It's important to know which uniform would suit you best, though. Answer the questions like you're taking an oath to your nation, and we'll tell you if your brain works more like the Marines or the Guard. Which one do you think it will be? 

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