Quiz: Do you think you're a musical expert?
Do you think you're a musical expert?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: tmdb

About This Quiz

You might believe that you are a musical expert, but are you  a MUSICAL expert? We're not talking about music, but musicals. Yup, those song and dance movies and plays of the type that have made history since the beginning of time. So, if you thought we were talking about music, and not musicals, you might want to navigate your way quietly away from this quiz. If you think that musicals are cool, and you think you know enough about them to ace this quiz, then you're in the right place. Let's proceed.

If you think that musicals are dead and that they have gone the way of the Sound of Music on DVD, then we've got something to tell you... you're wrong. How do we know? Because the musical, Hamilton, a 2015 Broadway musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda, received a whopping number of Tony nominations and turned 11 of those nods into wins. In 2016, the musical also won a Grammy and a Pulitzer Prize. How's that for evidence that musicals are alive, well, and thriving in the good old U, S, of A? Don't worry if you missed it the first time around, though, the show is still on tour, so catch it while you can.

Think you know enough about musicals to ace this quiz? Let's find out.

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